May 19th, 2010
04:09 PM ET

Sharon Stone owns up to plastic surgery

Sharon StoneSharon Stone is boldly going where few Hollywood actresses dare to go: she’s owning up to having plastic surgery.

The bombshell actress told More magazine that following her 2004 divorce from San Francisco newspaper editor Phil Bronstein, she felt insecure about her looks.

“Nobody loves me. I’m 103. My life would be better if I had better lips,” she said in the interview. She had something - the name of which she can’t quite remember - pumped into her bottom lip.

How did she feel about it?


May 19th, 2010
02:58 PM ET

Carrie Bradshaw gets a PC in 'Sex and the City' sequel

There’s a new accessory on the “Sex and the City” block.

When the film’s sequel comes out on May 27th, fans won’t see Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) tinkering on her Mac laptop; she’ll be working on a Hewlett-Packard instead. It looks like HP has outbid Apple, and all of the computers featured will be HP.

That Mac was iconic – it was as familiar as a Manolo Blahnik shoe - and even served as a kicker in the series finale on HBO when her pal Charlotte York-Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis) found it on her bed, when she moved to Paris, a metaphor that she’d truly left her old life behind her. The horror!


May 19th, 2010
09:57 AM ET

Jane Lynch: Newsweek writer entitled to his opinion

Oh, go ahead and let him have his opinion, says Jane Lynch.

The actress, who is engaged to her longtime girlfriend Lara Embry, has a different take on the Newsweek piece, “Straight Jacket,” that says that gay actors can’t convincingly play straight. That dustup sparked “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy and occasional guest-star Kristin Chenoweth to release statements condemning the piece; the writer of the piece, Ramin Setoodeh, has since agreed to visit with Murphy and his writing team.

But Lynch, who said she’s happy that Murphy and Chenoweth stood up, has a varying opinion of Setoodeh.


May 18th, 2010
03:44 PM ET

Is that you, Will Ferrell?

Will FerrellWhere there’s a Will (Ferrell), there’s not a tweeter.

According to the comic actor’s publicist, Matt Labov, his client isn’t the guy behind the fake Paramount twitter account, which materialized about two weeks ago, right around the time it looked like “Anchorman 2” wasn't going to happen.

“There are at least 4 fake 'Will Ferrell' pages, none of which are actually him. The actor Will Ferrell did not 'tweet' these and it is unfortunate that Twitter, which purports to have authenticity and legitimacy, still cannot fix the continual issue of impostors,” Labov said.

Just so we're clear: Labov is "saying that Will Ferrell himself does not have a Twitter page nor does he have anything to do with this Paramount page in any way, shape or form.”


May 18th, 2010
01:26 PM ET

Shia LaBeouf admits he dropped the ball on 'Indiana Jones'

If anything, Shia LaBeouf is honest.

The 23-year-old told reporters at the Cannes International Film Festival that the last time he starred in a sequel, 2008’s “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” he dropped the ball.

True, the flick earned $787 million worldwide, a blockbuster by studio standards, but there were problems with it, LaBeouf said, and that challenged him when he took on another popular film sequel, this year’s “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.”


May 18th, 2010
08:56 AM ET

Kate Hudson takes (most of it) off for new movie

Kate HudsonKate Hudson is going to take it all off – well, most of it anyway.

The actress talked up the saucy role that she plays in the upcoming Michael Winterbottom film, “The Killer Inside of Me,” in an interview with the Telegraph. In the movie, Hudson will cavort around semi-naked before getting into an, um, "cheeky" scene with co-star Casey Affleck.

“There were a couple [spanks] in there when I thought: God, Casey! He got a bit of power behind it. It was definitely real,” she shared with the UK newspaper. But after a while, she said, "we all started to laugh because you become quite comfortable with the idea and it becomes about the technical side of things. I’ve known Casey for so long that you can’t help but laugh every now and then.”


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