January 22nd, 2013
04:10 PM ET

We track Beyonce-gate (so you don't have to)

There's no doubt that Beyonce put on one heck of a show when she performed the National Anthem at Monday's Inauguration of President Obama.

She just didn't put on a live one - as far as we know. As a spokeswoman for the U.S. Marine Band told CNN, Beyonce didn't actually perform the "Star-Spangled Banner" live during the ceremony, but rather lip-synched along with her own voice. (Were these photos on her Tumblr page intended to be a hint?)

However, later in the day, the Marine Corps said in a statement that no one in their organization "is in a position to assess whether [Beyoncé's vocal performance] was live or pre-recorded."

If it was pre-recorded that wouldn't be uncommon, but it would be surprising, considering everything evident in her rendition: the hand motions to match her scaling the notes, the facial expressions conveying effort, and - most damning of all - the removal of her earpiece.

After she finished, those who bore witness were awestruck, hailing her performance as flawless. So how did everyone take it when they learned that the whole thing was pre-recorded? Here's a recap:


'Breaking Bad's' Giancarlo Esposito: I hope Gus haunts Walter White
July 19th, 2012
03:18 PM ET

'Breaking Bad's' Giancarlo Esposito: I hope Gus haunts Walter White

If there's one thing that critics and fans can agree on, it's that AMC's "Breaking Bad" is some of the best TV on the air, and that actor Giancarlo Esposito gave an incredible performance on the series as the chilling drug kingpin Gustavo "Gus" Fring.

The actor now has an individual Emmy nod to back it up. On Thursday, he was nominated along with "Breaking Bad's" Aaron Paul for best supporting actor in a drama series.


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August 21st, 2009
10:32 AM ET

Can Lifetime 'make it work'?

"Project Runway" fans, we can all breathe a sigh of relief: our beloved design show - for the most part - is unaltered.

Heidi and Tim are still a fantastic tag-team, Nina Garcia was unenthused as ever (loved it), and the drama incubating dorm-style bedrooms looked like they were dropped into La-La Land straight out of Gotham.

But as a “Runway” fan that was by Bravo’s side since season one, I have to admit that this episode was seriously lacking. Whether it’s the move to the left coast or the channel change, I’m not entirely sure, but something was just … off. With the exception of Lindsay Lohan’s judging appearance, the entire show could be summed up with Ra’mon-Lawrence’s runway piece: expected, remotely interesting, and boring.

Where were my big personalities? My Santino or Jay? Or even an instant obvious talent, a la Kara Saun? Yeah, there were a few who showed visionary promise, but none stood out from the pack as “the designer to watch.”

Perhaps I can blame the challenge for “Runway’s” lack of luster. Instead of demanding the designers compose their runway debuts out of sand and broken glass or something equally implausible as they’ve done in the past,  the producers wove in the Emmys, requiring red carpet-worthy gowns from contestants made from $200 worth of Mood fabrics. Again, simply average; nothing we haven’t seen before – a lot like the dresses this challenge produced.

I haven’t lost hope yet, though – between Johnny the former addict, Althea the former Alexander McQueen intern, and Gordana, the Eastern European designer who won my heart when she said “give me a sheep and I’ll make you a sweater,” this season could shape up to be a barely noticeable knockoff of its Bravo predecessors.

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