April 14th, 2010
09:00 AM ET

Soap star voted off 'Dancing'

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Shedding his shirt didn’t help Aiden Turner stay on “Dancing With the Stars.” Last night, the soap star was eliminated from the competition after performing a rumba that pleased a boatload of fans in the rehearsal footage, but didn’t get enough support from the judges and viewers.

Turner, who on last week’s results show said he was so nervous that he threw up afterward, kept his lunch, but he looked upset about his exit and his voice broke at one point when he thanked his professional partner Edyta Sliwinska.

Comedienne Niecy Nash was the last celebrity contestant to be declared safe, but she was not necessarily in the bottom two, co-host Tom Bergeron said. So we don’t know for sure who received the second-lowest scores. FULL POST

April 13th, 2010
08:57 AM ET

TV Recap: Passion night on 'Dancing'

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Let’s see: Neon lights flashing the word “HOT,” balls of fire exploding on stage and celebrities throwing red, heart-shaped pillows at each other.

Do you get the hint?

It must be “passion night” on “Dancing With the Stars,” or “our most demanding night ever,” warned co-host Brooke Burke ominously at the start of the show. FULL POST

April 7th, 2010
08:47 AM ET

Buzz Aldrin voted off 'Dancing'

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He was a sweet and debonair presence on the dance floor, but Buzz Aldrin is finished competing on “Dancing With the Stars.”

The legendary former astronaut was voted off the show last night, earning a standing ovation from the audience and a salute from the other contestants as he bid farewell to the crowd.

“I did the show for the fighter pilots out there, the military people and the elder geezers like me who would just like to see an elder come back week after week,” Aldrin said after the elimination. FULL POST

April 6th, 2010
09:20 AM ET

Kate Gosselin acts out in 'Dancing'

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You know it’s going to be an interesting night on “Dancing With the Stars” when you can’t recognize some of the couples walking down the grand staircase at the beginning of the episode.

Last night, the celebrities and their professional dancing partners were supposed to tell a story through their routine, which explains the extra dose of wigs, costumes and eyeliner they donned for the competition.

There was singer Nicole Scherzinger in a brown, curly wig and a sailor’s outfit; former astronaut Buzz Aldrin came down in a military uniform, followed by someone dressed as Cleopatra and wait… who is the woman with the waist-length blond extensions and heavy make-up? FULL POST

March 31st, 2010
08:53 AM ET

Shannen Doherty kicked off 'Dancing'

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It’s over for Shannen Doherty on “Dancing With the Stars.” The actress was the first celebrity contestant to be eliminated from the hit show this season after performing just two dances.

But last night’s episode was also a close call for actress Pamela Anderson, who was in “the bottom two” - one of the lowest-scoring stars when the judges’ scores and viewer votes were combined. (Anderson spent the rest of the show in the dreaded red spotlight and didn’t look particularly happy about it.)

Buzz Aldrin, on the other hand, was the first to find out he was safe to the delight and surprise of the studio audience. Since the 80-year-old former astronaut was one of the contestants thought to be in danger of being eliminated, the announcement set up a tense hour for reality TV star Kate Gosselin who seemed nervous after her two low-scoring performances. FULL POST

March 30th, 2010
09:34 AM ET

New Kate Gosselin drama on 'Dancing'

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The show is called “Dancing With the Stars,” but it was more like “Bickering with the Celebrities” on last night’s episode as tensions grew between the contestants and their professional dancing partners.

Once again, the biggest drama seemed to follow Kate Gosselin who was shown arguing with her partner Tony Dovolani during the rehearsals for their jive, prompting him at one point to quit and walk out of the room. (He later returned, calling it a weak moment.)

“Nothing in dancing is natural to Kate,” Dovolani said, perhaps foreshadowing the actual performance in which Gosselin often appeared lost, unable to remember the steps, and constantly looked at Dovolani for direction. FULL POST

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