May 26th, 2010
12:46 PM ET

Family secrets surface on 'Parenthood'

If there was anyone left on "Parenthood" who didn’t know a dark Braverman family secret, they were let in on just about everything Tuesday, usually in a group, in public or both. Quite a few people were on the verge of tears for most of the show, and like any good dramatic season finale, there was also plenty of yelling.

Haddie hasn’t recovered from the "cousin sleeping with her ex-boyfriend" thing and she’s going through a dark period: dying her hair black,  wearing dark lipstick, skipping class and being generally bratty.  Her parents have a mild freak out, but really, aside from the change in hair color I’m not sure what’s different.  I don’t care what I was going through, if I had spoken to my parents the way she talked to hers, I can’t imagine what they would have done.  It certainly wouldn’t have been ,“OK honey, it’s fine.”

Amber hasn’t recovered from sleeping with her cousin’s ex and she too has been cutting class. In the middle of that discussion, Drew says he wants to try out for baseball and he wants Uncle Adam to help.  For some reason, Sarah says she’ll talk to Adam about it, instead of letting the kid ask himself.  She goes to Adam’s, where she gets a frosty reception from Kristina. (Apparently no one is getting past Amber sleeping with Haddie’s ex.)


May 12th, 2010
09:28 AM ET

TV recap: Awkward moments in 'Parenthood'

Awkward moments abound in this episode of "Parenthood."  Between Zeek and Camille splitting up, their granddaughter Haddie breaking up with her boyfriend, and the Braverman adult kids dealing with the fallout of all of that, there are a lot of furtive glances and new secrets.

Amber wakes up with Haddie’s ex.  She’s feeling guilty about it and takes off, after threatening to kill him if he tells.  At school she tries to avoid Adam and Haddie.  But Haddie invites her cousin to a post break-up, bash-the-ex slumber party.  Amber reluctantly agrees to go and tells Haddie what happens. It may not have been the most appropriate time to confess, but I have to give it to Amber for not holding onto the secret for long.

Amber's mom can't keep big secrets, either.  In last week's show, Camille told Sarah Zeek cheated, and asked her not to tell the rest of the kids.  But as soon as Sarah sees Adam, she gets upset and he asks her what's wrong.  FULL POST

May 5th, 2010
09:33 AM ET

TV recap: Secrets of 'Parenthood'

We finally get most of the deal on what’s up with Zeek and Camille.  The heads of the Braverman clan have been keeping secrets, from each other and from their kids.

We’ve seen hints of problems since the show started, but it comes to a head at a Braverman gathering.

Crosby spent the night at Jasmine’s. We join them as they do the “We can’t let the kid know Mommy’s friend spent the night” scramble, even though Mommy’s friend is Daddy.

Jabbar finally catches Crosby one night, and Jasmine seems to have second thoughts about the second go round on the relationship.  Crosby is continuing on the road to adulthood and assures her he wants to be with her.

Hyper competitive Julia is going to take over coaching Sydney’s soccer team.  Even the five-year-old thinks it’s a bad idea. FULL POST

April 28th, 2010
12:18 PM ET

TV recap: Old school 'Parenthood'

It seems like last night’s theme was revisiting the past.  Kristina’s thinking about going back to work, Adam breaks out some old school dance moves and Crosby and Jasmine hit the reset button on their relationship.

Crosby is spending time with Jasmine and their son.  I suppose now that she’s gotten the pesky “Hey, guess what, you’ve got a son I didn’t tell you about, I kept you from him for five years and I alienated you from my family in the process” business behind them, everything is cool.  Crosby decides he wants to get to know her better and asks her on a date.  There’s a bonding scene with Jasmine, Crosby and Jabbar that in my opinion would have been much cuter had it not taken place in the bathroom.  (So glad there were no sound effects!) But they are bonding.  And Crosby and Jasmine do some overnight bonding of their own.

Drew finally gets a little something to do in an episode.  He’s crushing on a classmate and he’s planning to go to a school dance. Drew goes to good old Uncle Adam looking for dance lessons, and finds a few problems. FULL POST

April 21st, 2010
10:23 AM ET

TV recap: 'Parenthood' isn't easy

Before I get started, there's good news for those of us who love this show:  NBC is picking it up for a second season! No details yet on how many episodes, but considering the show hadn't been considered a lock until now it's great news.

This was not a happy, fun episode.  That’s not to say it wasn’t good one, it just had fewer laughs than previous shows. What there was more of was Zeke and Camille Braverman (Craig T. Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia).

Until now we’ve gotten glimpses of the oldest Braverman couple, and hints there’s something going on with them.  We did’t get all the answers in this one, but we did get to see more of what the couple is like on their own.

First, we see Zeke getting more involved in granddaughter Amber’s situation.  She’s still acting out, acting up, whatever you want to call it.  Sarah catches Amber in the shower with her boyfriend, Damien the demon seed.  Sarah tries to apologize for going out with the English teacher.

She tries to explain how she moved them out of Fresno to get her in a better place.  She says she doesn’t want Amber to make the same mistakes she made.  In a heartbreaking admission, poor Amber says every time she hears that, all she hears is that her existence is a mistake. FULL POST

April 14th, 2010
08:52 AM ET

TV recap: 'Parenthood' and sacrifice

I believe this was the parental sacrifice episode. Members of the Braverman clan are trying to figure out how much they can or should give up to keep their kids, siblings and themselves happy. They’re finding out it’s nearly impossible for everyone to be satisfied all the time.

Crosby is making play dates during the parent-and-me yoga class. He starts out making plans for the play date to be more for him and the mom he met than for their kids; he eventually realizes it’s wrong for him to be hooking up with another parent while his kid is outside playing.

Jabbar’s mom doesn’t quite appreciate the growth Crosby is making as a dad and loses it. I feel bad for him. He is making an effort to do the right thing and gets punished for it. FULL POST

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