September 24th, 2009
12:17 PM ET

Britney Spears leaves fans disgruntled

Britney, Britney, wherefore art thou Britney? 

The pop star tweeted clues to fans about where they might find a pair of front row tickets to her Thursday show in Los Angeles.  The scavenger hunt ultimately led about 200 die-hard followers to her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  It wasn't very stealth because the area was fenced off, and surrounded by security guards and police officers.  At about 6 pm, a car pulled up, and Brit Brit slid out.  She handed the contest winner his tickets, posed for a couple of photos and smacked her gum once or twice - then she ducked back into the car and disappeared.  No wave to the crowd.  Not even a "Hi, y'all, thanks for coming."  The whole act took about 30 seconds. 

Many of the fans who gathered couldn't see what was going on (including our camera) because the view was obstructed by the crowd, as well as a clown with a giant rainbow afro. A blonde woman broke down into tears.  A mother of two teenage daughters cursed the singer, saying she'd taken them out of school for this.  A girl complained loudly to someone on the other end of a cell phone, saying "Dude, she was gone in five seconds!  One-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand, four-one thousand, five-one thousand.  Come on Britney, you can do better than that!" 
Well, they're not the only ones disappointed by Britney's disappearing act.  Jordin Sparks - who's been opening for the former Mouseketeer since August and shares the same record label - hasn't even met her yet.  Jordin says she's met Britney's parents, and hopes to meet their daughter by the end of the tour.  She'd better hurry.  Their North American "Circus" tour wraps this weekend.

July 21st, 2009
08:48 AM ET

Former 'Idol' artists push out new tunes

Former "American Idol" singers Jordin Sparks - on tour with the Jonas Brothers - and Brooke White release albums this week. Sparks takes a more mature stance with her songs and White, who started her own record company, teamed up with "Idol" judge Randy Jackson for her debut album. Find out more in Soundcheck:

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