Tom Hanks joins Facebook
February 1st, 2011
06:01 PM ET

Tom Hanks joins Facebook

Perhaps caught up in "The Social Network" mania, Tom Hanks has finally joined Facebook. The Oscar winner launched his profile page yesterday, with his first status update announcing, "OFFICIALLY on Facebook!"

Hanks' page includes several studio shots of the star — uploaded in June 2009 — as well as a black-and-white shot of him looking cool while driving down a road in sunglasses.

The rest of the page is largely blank, although the 54-year-old actor — who had almost 350,000 friends as of press time — lists his info as follows:

"I'm that actor in some of the movies you liked and some you didn't. Sometimes I'm in pretty good shape, other times I'm not. Hey, you gotta live, you know?"

We "Like."

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February 10th, 2010
03:55 PM ET

Former Rep. Charlie Wilson dies

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Charlie Wilson, the flamboyant Texas congressman portrayed by Tom Hanks in the movie "Charlie Wilson's War," died today at the age of 76.  A statement from a Texas hospital said Wilson passed away after suffering from cardiopulmonary arrest; he'd had heart transplant surgery a few months before the film's premiere in late 2007.

Wilson earned the nickname "Good Time Charlie" for his love of alcohol, women and, well, other diversions.  But he was serious about driving the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan, and used his congressional power to ensure the U.S. properly armed the Afghan rebels fighting the Soviets.  George Crile wrote a book about the unlikely chain of events, which was made into the movie starring Hanks as Wilson, along with fellow Oscar winners Julia Roberts and Philip Seymour Hoffman.  In 2008, Wilson told's Todd Leopold he was pleased with the film's portrayal of the period.

Wilson served 12 consecutive terms in the U.S. Congress, representing Texas' second district.  He is survived by his wife, Barbara.

November 10th, 2009
05:01 PM ET

John Travolta's daughter Ella Bleu steals the show

John Travolta and his daughter Ella Bleu Travolta received mad love in Hollywood last night! The Los Angeles premiere of Travolta's upcoming comedy "Old Dogs" happened at the El Capitan Theatre with a sea of A-listers showing up in support of the film.  In addition to Travolta, his wife Kelly Preston and daughter Ella Bleu, Robin Williams also stars in the film. The movie centers around two bachelors and business partners, played by Travolta and Williams, whose lives change dramatically after one of them becomes the legal guardian of twins.

Williams, Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks, Seth Green, Forest Whitaker, Kevin Nealon, Lori Loughlin, Dax Shepherd, Jenna Elfman and Billy Idol all showed up to the premiere along with Travolta and his family. And like all premieres the stars of the movie were complimented, but the spotlight wasn't on them, but rather on Ella Bleu Travolta whose co-stars acknowledged her good acting skills  and generally agreed she shined in the role.

Williams said: "His daughter is really good. She really was good in the film and just watching him watching her was really good to see. " And Green said "I do think it's great that their daughter is genuinely a good actress and takes it very seriously. She did a good job."  Loughlin, who co-stars in the film, doted on her as well, "I think this is a really wonderful opportunity for Ella to make her film debut with both of her parents and I think it's so special for John and for Kelly to have this forever on film with their daughter at such a precious little age".

Sounds like Ella is on the fast track to becoming the next "IT" girl!

October 29th, 2009
08:18 PM ET

Tom Hanks is rocking tonight

Tom Hanks is pumped! He's producing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert at Madison Square Garden tonight. While backstage, he offered up more of the  "Bachelor Party" Tom than Academy Award winner Tom, jokingly calling the press "jaded sons of a b-tch" and making reference to a movie title that I cannot repeat on a family blog.

He struck a more serious note when talking about the line-up which includes Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Crosby Stills and Nash, Bonnie Raitt, and Sting to name just a few. The concert is being filmed for a HBO special that will air Thanksgiving weekend. "I just did it for the all access pass," he joked. "I'm a fan, but I don't know what to say to these guys," he admitted.

The funniest moment of his quick press conference came when a reporter asked him about his favorite song of the year. He had to think about it for a second, but after his wife Rita Wilson helped him he said "ohhh Beyonce."  He couldn't remember the title, so he started flapping his hand and singing "Da da da da duh da da da" until someone helped him out by shouting "Put a Ring on It?" That was it, "and Kanye West had nothing to do with me picking that song," he concluded.

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