Simon Cowell talks 'X Factor' booths and judges
April 8th, 2011
02:23 PM ET

Simon Cowell talks 'X Factor' booths and judges

Can't make it to one of  "The X Factor" audition cities?

No worries, just pop into a booth.

During the month of April, aspiring "X Factor" contestants will be able to record their auditions in booths located in Honolulu, Hawaii; Phoenix, Arizona; Nashville, Tennessee;  Anchorage, Alaska; Kansas City, Kansas; and Denver, Colorado.


Rolling Stone reveals the joys of vamp sex
August 17th, 2010
03:16 PM ET

Rolling Stone reveals the joys of vamp sex

If you watch “True Blood,” there really isn’t much on the latest cover of Rolling Stone that you haven’t already seen before, rivulets and spatters of blood included.

The hit HBO show is known for unabashedly delving into a mix of blood, sex and violence that even at its most disturbing – as some called the scene from an earlier season three episode, in which Bill literally made Lorena’s head spin in the bedroom – it leaves viewers thirsting for more.

"True Blood" creator Alan Ball said he wouldn't have it any other way, regardless of how many fictional awkward teen girls spring forth to pine for their sex-refusing vampire boyfriends. If it's about vampires, Ball told Rolling Stone, it's got to have some sex.


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June 28th, 2010
02:11 PM ET

So about that 'True Blood' sex scene...

Editor’s Note: This post contains spoilers for the June 27 episode of HBO’s “True Blood.”

“True Blood” fans typically can withstand copious amounts of blood, gore and sex – the three chief ingredients that mesh so wonderfully in Alan Ball’s HBO series. But last night’s sex scene between Bill Compton and Lorena – his obsessive vampire “maker” - seems to have shocked some of the most immovable.

Bill, enraged after agreeing to stay away from his beloved Sookie in order to keep her safe, grabs Lorena’s head during a bout of angry intercourse and then gives it a grotesque spin before continuing to do the deed as she smiles eerily.


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June 20th, 2010
02:00 PM ET

'True Blood' stars maintain their sexy reputations

The men of “True Blood” are known for steaming up the small screen, but it turns out their sex appeal has real life roots.

Stephen Moyer, who plays bloodsucker Bill Compton, bared his soul in Playboy magazine for the July issue, revealing that he lost his virginity “quite young… below legal age." He added that fiancé (and co-star) Anna Paquin’s bisexuality was never a surprise: “Within the first three days, all the cards were laid out. It wasn’t something that was kept from me.”

Meanwhile, co-star Ryan Kwanten, who spends a lot of time in the sack as "True Blood's" resident mortal Jason Stackhouse, has penned a sex guide called “The G-Strategy."


April 13th, 2010
04:49 PM ET

'True Blood's' leading men get personal

pic1HBO is home to three of the hottest men on TV, only one of which has a pulse - figures.

“True Blood’s” leading men - who appear on the cover of Details this month - share their pasts, their presents and how life has changed since donning fangs.

Stephen Moyer, 40, who plays vampire Bill Compton, said HBO is responsible for his relationship with fiancée and costar Anna Paquin, 27.

"[HBO] put us in these hotel suites, and we hung out for a while and got to know each other,” Moyer said. The attraction was there, so it was a matter of whether we acted on it or not."

Alexander Skarsgård, 33, is not new to fame. The pretty face behind vampire Eric Northman was a child star in Sweden before venturing to New York. pic2His father, film star Stellan Skarsgård, is also no stranger to the spotlight.

"At the age of 12, he had girls standing outside the house,” Stellan said. “They would ask his younger brother Gustaf to let them in, and sometimes it worked."

“True Blood’s” token mortal, Jason Stackhouse - played by Ryan Kwanten - doesn’t leave much to the imagination for viewers.

"I'm very comfortable with my body,” Kwanten said of his frequent carnal activity on the series.

"My parents have seen the show. My mom walked in on me a few times when I was living at home - you know, caught in the act. She's seen me in uncompromising [sic] positions before.”


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April 1st, 2010
01:45 PM ET

Anna Paquin comes out as a bisexual

Anna PaquinHer name is Anna Paquin, she’s bisexual, and yes, she gives a damn.

In a new public service announcement to spread awareness for hate crimes, provided by the Cyndi Lauper-backed organization We Give a Damn, the “True Blood” actress revealed her sexuality along with a host of other celebrities, gay and straight.

Paquin, who is currently engaged to her “True Blood” co-star Stephen Moyer, joined Wanda Sykes, Elton John, and Whoopi Goldberg to encourage others to speak up on the need for equality.


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