Harrison Ford joins 'Expendables' as Willis exits
August 7th, 2013
02:31 PM ET

Harrison Ford joins 'Expendables' as Willis exits

One thing is clear about the new casting shakeup in "The Expendables" franchise: star Sylvester Stallone is pretty thrilled about it.

The 67-year-old actor, who's appeared in the first two films about a team of mercenaries hired by the CIA, tweeted on Tuesday that Harrison Ford is joining the project. Here's the twist: his fellow franchise star Bruce Willis won't appear in the movie.


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Bruce Willis, wife welcome baby girl
April 2nd, 2012
11:29 AM ET

Bruce Willis, wife welcome baby girl

Bruce Willis became a proud papa once again on April 1.

The “Die Hard” star and his wife, Emma Heming, welcomed a baby girl, reps for Willis tell CNN.

They named their bundle of joy Mabel Ray Willis, who arrived weighing 9 pounds and 1 ounce.


Bruce Willis, wife Emma expecting a baby
October 26th, 2011
05:05 PM ET

Bruce Willis, wife Emma expecting a baby

Bruce Willis is going to be a dad again! The 56-year-old actor and his wife, model Emma Heming Willis, are expecting their first child together.

Willis’ spokesperson confirmed that the baby is due early next year.

Bruce and 35-year-old Emma "are overjoyed with this news and they look forward to welcoming this newest addition into their family," reads a statement from the rep.

The action star and the model married in Turks & Caicos in March of 2009.

The upcoming bundle of joy will be Bruce’s fourth child. The actor has three daughters with ex-wife Demi Moore: Rumer, 23, Scout, 20, and Tallulah Belle, 17.

Ashton Kutcher records duet with Demi's daughter
January 27th, 2011
03:11 PM ET

Ashton Kutcher records duet with Demi's daughter

Rumer Willis isn't the only daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis with showbiz aspirations. Her younger sister Scout recently showed off her vocal chops by recording a song with stepdad Ashton Kutcher.

In the video, which Kutcher posted on YouTube, the actor is seen strumming a guitar while 19-year-old Willis takes the lead on "My Sober," a song they co-wrote together.

Included in the lyrics: "You're my sober when I'm wasted/ You're my courage when I've got a doubt/You're my happy when I'm grumpy/You're my smile when I'm stuck with a pout."


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Sylvester Stallone confirms 'Expendables' sequel
January 26th, 2011
01:08 PM ET

Sylvester Stallone confirms 'Expendables' sequel

Sylvester Stallone is on a mission to reunite "The Expendables" dream team for another explosive adventure.

"We're at work on it," Stallone, 64, confirmed to CNN at the Hollywood premiere of Jason Statham's "The Mechanic."

"Because you have about five different scenarios, and you try to figure out which one will work the best: what area, the kind of stunts, and most important, what is the heart of the film? What is the reason for the mission instead of just guys running around — some purpose. That's the hard part."


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September 25th, 2009
01:35 AM ET

What you talkin' 'bout, Bruce Willis?

I get the feeling that Bruce Willis has hit a mental wall. After so many years in the business, the man has simply run out of patience when it comes to promoting his movies. And I totally get it. Being asked the same questions over and over again must make you a little loopy. But to paraphrase the famous line in “The Godfather II,” “This is the life you have chosen.”

Before heading out to cover the Hollywood premiere of his latest effort, the sci-fi flick, “Surrogates,” I had heard that a few producers and reporters had left in tears after talking to him at the press junket for the film. He was apparently super cranky and squeezing a stress ball repeatedly through the interviews.

Here's an interview Willis did with CNN's JD Cargill:

So I was expecting Russell Crowe-ian levels of testiness. When the moment came though, it was clear his approach this time was: keep grinning, keep walking briskly through the line of reporters, and throw out a few odd thoughts. Here’s our exchange, in its entirety.

Willis: (walking away from the Associated Press reporter on the line before us) “Is this the real AP?” (referring to his microphone insignia) “This looks like it just got glued on someone else’s. Doesn't it? Can we get a shot of this?? You peel it off it says WJ-whatever. ‘I'm from KLOS.’ Last question? (walks away before poor guy can answer) (to CNN)  “That's the brightest light I've seen. Like staring into the sun. Let's go over here, it wasn't that bright over here.”

CNN: “When I think of great sci-fi films with big ideas I think of  Blade Runner and  12 Monkeys.”

Willis: “Yeah, me too.”

CNN: “What’s the big thought provoking idea swirling around this one?”

Willis: “Well, that we should blow the whole world up and start over again, really. And don't you think that's a good idea right now? And while we're talking about it, (to AP guy again) you might want to hold up the mic for this one, while we're talking about it…

CNN: (thinking to myself, “Why do I get the feeling he’s about to go off on a political rant like some feisty, opinionated uncle at Thanksgiving dinner?”)

Willis: “…can someone, any politician, working in Washington today tell any of us American citizens, the taxpayers, over 200 million people, what happened to the 780 billion dollars, because we don't think we're going to get any of it. We now return you to 'Surrogates' already in progress.”

CNN: “This film was based on a graphic novel, what was it about this story that made you want to be involved?”

Willis: “Sex, sex, sex, ‘course they don't have any of that in this film, it’s rated PG-13.”

CNN: “ I know like most of us, you’re a big movie buff, a movie lover. We’re doing a piece on the 70th Anniversary of the Wizard of Oz. Do you have a favorite scene?

Willis: “Yes, many of them”

CNN: “Any one in particular?”

Willis: “I like it when they find the Tin Man, give him a little bit of oil. That's how I feel right now.” (walks away)

Then Willis posed for pics with the producers of the film and after a short while returns to the line to talk to Fox News and Canal Plus from France.

Reporter: What was it about the script that made you want to be involved with this film?

Willis: “This was a very weird script, very strange. It actually holds the premise that we should all get together and blow the place up and start over. And it’s never been a more popular idea. Just clear out all the politicians and bankers and start over. Right now I think it's like the fall of Rome. Like three years from now after all the bees are dead, you've heard that story, there's a movie coming out about it. You know what it's called? (pregnant pause) ‘The Bees.’ (walks off to laughter of reporters)

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