'When Harry Met Sally' turns 25
July 15th, 2014
05:56 PM ET

'When Harry Met Sally' turns 25

Twenty-five years later, we'd still really like to have what she's having.

On Monday, the iconic romantic comedy turned 25 years young, marking the anniversary of its premiere on July 14, 1989.

In the two-and-a-half decades since, we've all turned to "When Harry Met Sally" when asking eternal questions about love, friendship and where the two meet.

Written by Nora Ephron and directed by Rob Reiner, even hard to impress New Yorkers swoon over "When Harry Met Sally" and hand-picked it to be screened for free in all five boroughs in late June.

According to Reiner, "the whole idea for the film came out of me being married for 10 years and then single for 10 years, and during the time I was single, I would be in and out of relationships, and making a complete and utter mess of my personal life," as the director told The Daily Beast. "I said, 'I’ve got to make a movie about how you get with a woman. Is sex always a part of the equation? If it is, can you still be friends? Can you be friends without sex?' I was so confused by the whole thing and I started talking with Nora about this idea, and she said, 'Oh, let’s try and see if we can do it!' Initially, it was called 'Scenes From A Friendship.' We didn’t know where these characters were going to go, it was just these two people that would run into each other and would be friends, and ultimately sex would become part of the equation. We interviewed each other and Billy played an extension of me, and Meg played an extension of Nora. Absolutely."

And if that isn't cute enough, get this: Reiner met his wife while making the ultimate rom-com. (Excuse us while we melt.)

"(W)hat’s weird is that, in the initial ending, (Harry and Sally) didn’t get together," Reiner said. "In the original ending, they drifted apart and then ran into each other one day on the street years later and chatted about where their lives went, they walked away, and the camera pulled up."

But after meeting his bride-to-be, "I thought, 'OK, that’s how it could work for me,'" Reiner said. "(So) I changed the ending to where they got together."

Gotta love a happy ending.

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