Jennifer Lawrence's 'Box of Lies'
May 16th, 2014
05:45 PM ET

Jennifer Lawrence's 'Box of Lies'

Prepare yourself to be endlessly entertained.

We're not sure how Jimmy Fallon comes up with these games for "The Tonight Show," or how he has the genius to get Jennifer Lawrence to play them with him, but we move that these two make their "Box of Lies" face-off a regular bit.

The objective is to open a box without letting your opponent see what's in it, and then describe the item. Whether your description is true or not, it's up to your opponent to guess if you're lying or not. If they guess correctly, they get a point; if they guess incorrectly, the other player gets a point.


J.Law joined Fallon for a round of the game on Thursday night's show, and stumped the host with a rubic's cube encased in jello. (No lie!) She also took the opportunity to get real about her hair: you know how people are saying the actress is growing her hair out?

Yeah, she's been doing that "Hollywood style," meaning, "it's all fake," Lawrence said with a laugh.


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