(Sometimes funny) Life lessons from Louis C.K.
April 23rd, 2014
11:19 AM ET

(Sometimes funny) Life lessons from Louis C.K.

GQ magazine will tell you that the cover of their May issue is a genius.

We'll leave that to you to decide, but Louis C.K. does have some choice life advice. Here's what we learned from the comic and mastermind behind FX's "Louie":

On why discomfort is a good thing:

If you've ever watched an episode of "Louie," you know that Louis C.K.'s comedy readily veers into awkward, uncomfortable territory.

But, as he tells GQ, “you’ve got to embrace discomfort. It’s the only way you can put yourself in situations where you can learn, and the only way you can keep your senses fresh once you’re there.”

The best way to make decisions:

The next time you're mulling over a major life decision, or if you're just the majorly indecisive type, there's Louis's 70 percent rule.

"These situations where I can't make a choice because I'm too busy trying to envision the perfect one - that false perfectionism traps you in this painful ambivalence: If I do this, then that other thing I could have done becomes attractive. But if I go and choose the other one, the same thing happens again," he says. "So my rule is that if you have someone or something that gets 70 percent approval, you just do it. 'Cause here's what happens. The fact that other options go away immediately brings your choice to 80. Because the pain of deciding is over. And when you get to 80 percent, you work. You apply your knowledge, and that gets you to 85 percent! And the thing itself, especially if it's a human being, will always reveal itself - 100 percent of the time! - to be more than you thought."

If you can make an 8-year-old laugh, you've got a solid joke:

C.K. does dark humor like few else in the business, but you might be surprised that one of his best test audiences are his two kids.

"My girls and I make a lot of dark jokes together," he tells GQ. "In the upcoming season [of 'Louie'], there's a line from a conversation I had with my older girl. She was saying how whenever she sees a three-legged dog, it lifts her spirits, because three-legged dogs are wonderfully unaware that they have a malady. They just walk around, and they don't give a s***. And I said, 'You know, honey, they are lucky. But do you know the only thing luckier than a three-legged dog? A four-legged dog.' And she really laughed. Whenever she laughs that hard at something dark? I know it's good."

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