'Gone Girl': First look at David Fincher's adaptation
April 15th, 2014
09:19 AM ET

'Gone Girl': First look at David Fincher's adaptation

Every marriage has problems, but the couple in Gillian Flynn's "Gone Girl" are a special case.

As fans of the runaway best-seller know, Flynn's Nick and Amy Dunne have a five-year marriage stuffed with secrets, half-truths and flat-out deceits that all begin to slowly tumble out after Amy's mysterious disappearance on their wedding anniversary.

The tightly woven story has so many twists and turns that the book is still a must read two years after its debut. And this fall, the thriller is coming to theaters as a movie directed by David Fincher from a script written by Flynn.

While its October 3 release date is still a long way off, iTunes has unveiled a first look:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOPLieLQQQs&w=450&h=315%5D

Rosamund Pike plays Amy while Ben Affleck plays her husband, a man creepily suspicious enough to become a reasonable suspect in Amy's vanishing - and, potentially, her murder.

That central mystery is juicy enough, but part of the fun with the movie will be that everyone, fans of the book and newcomers alike, will be in the dark about how it unfolds.

After adapting another globally beloved book, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," for the big screen, Fincher told Entertainment Weekly in January that he's learned not to be "too beholden to the source material."

And for Flynn, "there was something thrilling about taking this piece of work that I’d spent about two years painstakingly putting together with all its eight million LEGO pieces and take a hammer to it and bash it apart and reassemble it into a movie,” she said. "Ben (Affleck) was so shocked by it. He would say, 'This is a whole new third act! She literally threw that third act out and started from scratch.'"

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