Watch: New promos for 'Tonight' and 'Late Night'
January 6th, 2014
02:30 PM ET

Watch: New promos for 'Tonight' and 'Late Night'

Next month, Jimmy Fallon will be stepping into a late-night tradition while Seth Meyers tries to just keep his act together.

At least, that's what we got from NBC's two promos for their new late-night lineup, which will see Fallon move from "Late Night" to "Tonight" and Meyers move from his weekend "Saturday Night Live" gig to a desk job on "Late Night."

The "Tonight" promo emphasizes the big shoes that Fallon has to fill, as he's stepping into a role once filled by TV icons like Jack Paar and Johnny Carson.

But lest you get the idea that Fallon's simply going to rehash what worked in the past, the promo cuts in classic clips from Fallon's "Late Night" - essential parts of the brand like the "History of Rap" with Justin Timberlake and "Slow Jam the News."


He'll uphold tradition, NBC seems to want us to think, but in his own quirky Fallon way.

Seth Meyers, meanwhile, holds onto his familiar deadpan in the "Late Night" promo. The clip shows the "SNL" veteran walk over from his old studio to his new one next door - as familiar co-stars shrug off his departure with shouts of, "I'm taking your dressing room!"

Of course, by the time Meyers makes the hop, skip and jump to his new set, he finds it in shambles.

You could take that to mean that the new "Late Night" will be something fresh from the ground up, but Meyers still has an eye on the essentials - at the end of the promo, he makes sure to place a call to check on that desk.


Fallon's "Tonight Show" premieres on February 17, followed by Meyers' takeover of "Late Night" on February 24.

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