'Gravity' director: Bullock should have been in adult diapers
December 13th, 2013
12:55 PM ET

'Gravity' director: Bullock should have been in adult diapers

OK, "Gravity" hair-splitters, director Alfonso Cuaron has some news for you: It's a movie.

Yes, he's aware of the criticisms of the film. Yes, he knows that some people don't buy his depiction of space.

He's OK with that.

"We tried to be as accurate as possible in the frame of our fiction," he told Entertainment Weekly in an interview following the film's Golden Globe nominations. "That we have things that are not accurate? Of course — and actually, we know about them. And we chose to disregard those things, because we wanted first of all to honor the emotional journey of the film."

But it is fiction, he added. Sandra Bullock, for example, is an actress, not an astronaut. And even though she plays an astronaut in the film, "Gravity" wasn't even true to life in the issue of her clothes.

You may remember that, in a key scene, Bullock takes off her spacesuit and is left in a T-shirt and underwear. If "Gravity" had stuck with reality, she would actually be wearing something else, Cuaron said.

"The funny thing in all of these things — nobody has picked up on the most obvious one," he said. "And that is that when Sandra takes off her astronaut suit, she would be wearing an adult diaper. And obviously, we chose not to do that."

Why? Well, for one basic reason, he added.

"It’s a movie. It’s a movie!" he exclaimed.

C'mon, Cuaron. Next you're going to tell us that "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" didn't feature real wizards.

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