About that Amy Adams/Jennifer Lawrence kiss
December 11th, 2013
04:24 PM ET

About that Amy Adams/Jennifer Lawrence kiss

For some reason, Jennifer Lawrence's kissing scenes are always a very hot topic of conversation.

With "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," it was the star's smooching scenes with her co-star/friend Josh Hutcherson that were endlessly dissected.

And with her December release, "American Hustle," everyone wants Lawrence to talk about her skills once again - except this time the focus is on how well she laid one on Amy Adams.

Both Adams and director David O. Russell have said that Adams was the one who came up with the idea. The '70s-set film, which draws inspiration from the ABSCAM scandal of that era, sees Adams' and Lawrence's characters sharing a common interest: Christian Bale's con artist, Irving Rosenfeld.

With Adams playing his lover and Lawrence his wife, the two women share a scene in which they confront each other. Adams thought the kiss would perfectly fit in that exchange, but Russell and Lawrence weren't so sure - until they started filming.

At that point, Lawrence has said, "it completely made sense. (My character) has a toxic need to be in control and to overpower a situation ... I did not think it made sense before David called action and then as soon as we were in the scene, it happened organically because it was just so true.”

The moment is aggressive rather than sultry, Adams explained to E! News, as she doesn't kiss Lawrence back.

"Jennifer pulls it off wonderfully because you believe it again as part of the character. ... It's part of her struggle for control," Adams said. "(Lawrence is) awesome. It's funny because after the first take of that, I ended up with lipstick (all around her mouth) - she has very full lips. ... It's really interesting how a kiss hits you when you're not participating in it."

"American Hustle" opens in select theaters on December 13.

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