Eminem's 'MMLP2': Not a sequel, but a 'revisitation'
October 31st, 2013
04:50 PM ET

Eminem's 'MMLP2': Not a sequel, but a 'revisitation'

Eminem's upcoming release, "Marshall Mathers LP 2" has been a labor of love - emphasis on the "labor."

As the Detroit rapper tells Rolling Stone in its November 7 issue,"right now, I'm probably working harder than I've ever worked in my life."

And yet, as Em fans can attest, you wouldn't know it from his effortless flow on recently released tracks "Berzerk," "Rap God" and "The Monster."

Those hungry for more samplings of "MMLP2" might've helped themselves to the album's leak on certain websites Wednesday, just ahead of the November 5 release date.

Expectations for the album are running high, and not just because of the strong singles that have been released thus far. The title alone is bringing plenty of pressure on the star, since it indicates that this will be a continuation of 2000's standout "Marshall Mathers LP."

Yet "MMLP2" is "not necessarily a sequel, as much as it is a revisitation," Em tells RS. "So there's not gonna be, like, continuations of every old song on there or anything like that. To me, it's more about the vibe, and it's more about the nostalgia."

In order to pull it off, Eminem has been skimping on sleep, equating the creation of "MMLP2" to putting together an album, a movie and a soundtrack all at once.

"(A)round the time of 'The Eminem Show,' when I was also doing the '8 Mile' movie and soundtrack and score and s*** like that," he said. "This is probably the equivalent of that, but all focused on the record."

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    plain ones are ok too.

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    Look at the picture, then read the first three words. Then ask, "What's he doing?"

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    • Please retire soonest

      That's emineminem ummm's b l o w job face when he's in the dressing room with his rap star buddies.

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    • M.A.P.

      Ellen, you are the most vile, disgusting 50 year old man I have ever met.

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    Dayum! Troll busta been busy up in here! Fo' shizzle!

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