Jon Hamm's voice has been 'a little compromised'
September 27th, 2013
04:08 PM ET

Jon Hamm's voice has been 'a little compromised'

One of the reasons Jon Hamm's voice has been husky lately could very well be his work schedule.

The "Mad Men" star has another TV series on the books, a program called "A Young Doctor's Notebook" that's been picked up by Ovation TV.

Based on the work by Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov, "A Young Doctor's Notebook" already aired to solid ratings in the U.K., and is set to premiere stateside on October 2. Daniel Radcliffe stars with Hamm in the adaptation, portraying the young physician of the title while Hamm narrates from the perspective of the older, opiate-addicted version.

"I've been not busy for a large portion of my career, such as it is, and busy is better," Hamm recently told CNN of his packed schedule. "Our ('Young Doctor's Notebook') cast is all-star ... (and) you just say, 'yeah.' There's a reason I can't talk - it's because I've been working too damn much."

The 42-year-old will soon undergo surgery to remove a polyp in his throat, an operation that his rep has said should be routine. Leading up to the procedure, Hamm said he's feeling good.

"I’m a little compromised vocally, but it’s a very easy fixable situation," he said. "I’ll get it fixed and hopefully I won’t sound completely different. But I have to get back to work, man."

Indeed he does. The final season of "Mad Men" which will be split into two parts, is expected to return in spring 2014.

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