Rob Lowe talks 'Killing Kennedy'
July 25th, 2013
06:00 PM ET

Rob Lowe talks 'Killing Kennedy'

Rob Lowe is no stranger to "The West Wing," and this year he'll return to Hollywood's depiction of the Oval Office in National Geographic's "Killing Kennedy."

The actor didn't have to fight hard for the titular role of President John F. Kennedy, as the production team "came to me," Lowe told CNN. "I was flattered."

As it turns out, the "Parks and Recreation" star is also a Kennedy buff.

"Kennedy's a hero of mine, I've read everything there is to read on his administration. Not just Camelot, which is romantic and iconic, but just what he accomplished as a leader," Lowe said. "That's stuff I'm interested in, and have been, so I came to it already having a pretty good sense of what I wanted to do with the opportunity."

The TV dramatization is based on Bill O'Reilly's book of the same name, which chronicles the events leading up to Lee Harvey Oswald's assassination of JFK in Dallas, Texas, in 1963.

When Lowe was offered the part he hadn't yet read the book, but he soon realized that "the script does a number of great things that they did with the book," he said. "The construction of this storytelling is brilliant, where you take Lee Harvey Oswald and Kennedy and you inter-cut their lives as they head towards that fateful day in Dallas. It almost plays out like a thriller. It's really brilliantly done."

The role of Oswald was handed to Will Rothhaar ("Last Resort"; "Battle Los Angeles"), with Ginnifer Goodwin playing Jackie O. and Michelle Trachtenberg portraying Oswald's wife, Marina.

"This was such a great group of people. Ginnifer Goodwin, when I first saw her as Jackie, it took my breath away," Lowe said. Since he filmed his scenes separately from Trachtenberg and Rothhaar, he's "looking forward to seeing what (they) did" in the movie, which is scheduled to air on National Geographic in November.

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