'Revenge' creator steps down as showrunner
April 23rd, 2013
01:10 PM ET

'Revenge' creator steps down as showrunner

With four episodes to go in its second season, ABC’s “Revenge” is experiencing a shakeup behind the scenes.

Should the Madeleine Stowe- and Emily VanCamp-starrer get picked up for a third season, it will continue on without its current showrunner, series creator Mike Kelley, ABC reports.

Kelley, who may be involved as a consultant going forward, said in a statement, “Helming this series has been the ride of a lifetime, and my producing partner, Melissa Loy, and I will look back on our ‘Revenge’ time with deep gratitude and respect for … the incredible cast, our heroic crew, the dedicated and imaginative producing and writing team, and the tireless post production department.

“I’m excited about finishing post production on the season two finale, which I hope will stand among the best episodes of the series thus far. Continued success to all.”

While Kelley called his exit “a difficult mutual decision between myself and ABC studios,” there doesn’t appear to be any bad blood between the writer-producer and the network.

“Mike Kelley created a distinctive series for our studio and network with tremendous passion and dedication,” ABC’s Barry Jossen said in a statement. “We wish him all the best as he moves on to his next television achievement.”

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  2. Rhonda James

    Wow, I was not expecting this. I wonder how Revenge is going to change in its next season (if there is another season) now that Kelley is gone. I'll have to watch the show to find out. I probably won't be able to watch it live because I work evenings at DISH, but I'll catch it on my DVR. My DISH Hopper auto-records Revenge and everything else on ABC during primetime, so it will be easy for me to watch Revenge's next season even if I work when it airs and forget to set a timer for the show.

    April 28, 2013 at 8:02 pm | Report abuse |
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  18. Cassie Furlough

    Madeline Stowe has done some fantastic nudity in past films; I love the supple beauty of a slender yet shapely nude brunette. I haven't seen Emily VanCamp in anything else, but she's a statuesque beauty who undoubtedly looks stupendous sans clothing.

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