'SNL' parodies 'Accidental Racist': Racism's cured!
April 15th, 2013
06:00 PM ET

'SNL' parodies 'Accidental Racist': Racism's cured!

This week's must-share "Saturday Night Live" clip was undoubtedly the sketch comedy's spoof on the gun control debate:

But we're also still giggling over its takedown of the controversy LL Cool J and Brad Paisley caused with their country-meets-hip-hop collaboration, "Accidental Racist."

The two musicians have defended the track, which they say was an attempt to start a conversation and do something different.

But their effort was met with a heavy wave of negative reaction, and "SNL" asked LL (as played by Kenan Thompson), and Paisley (portrayed by Jason Sudeikis with a southern twang and a goatee) to respond.

"You can't judge a book by its cover ... like the song says, I'm just a white man from the Southland - racism is cured, y'all. You're welcome!" Sudeikis' Paisley exclaimed, as Thompson's LL agreed, "We did it! Racism's over!"

"Weekend Update's" Seth Meyers cautioned that wasn't the case, and at least the two owned up to the track's faults.

"We know the song's not perfect," Sudeikis said, as Thompson interjected, "it's not even good. Musically, or lyrically."

And that wasn't Thompson's only choice line:

"When I agreed to do a country song, I knew I was risking my reputation as the most lowdown, hardcore cast member of 'NCIS,'" he said. "But when my man Brad called, I answered the phone the way I always do: 'I'll do it!'"

Check out the full skit below:

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    If homey would pull his pants up and speak English, we wouldn't have so many problems. Quit blaming others for your problems and take responsibility for your actions.

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