‘Homeland’: Brody unhinged
November 19th, 2012
01:46 PM ET

‘Homeland’: Brody unhinged

[Editor's Note: This post contains spoilers for the November 18 episode of Showtime's "Homeland."]

Last week, Dana ran off when Carrie showed up at the D.C. police station and shut down her efforts to confess to the hit and run. So when we picked things up on Sunday, Dana had hopped a bus to Mike’s condo.

In the Brody family kitchen, a worried sick Brody and Jessica engaged in a screaming match about Dana. Jessica was upset because, as parents, they were supposed to set an example for their daughter. She insisted that Brody tell the CIA to back off.

Brody’s screeched reply: ”Ican’t-Ican’t-ICAAAAN’T!!!!!!”

Jessica stood there stunned, looking like a wounded doe until Mike called to say Dana was with him and she took off to retrieve her daughter.

Carrie, on Brody surveillance watch, was worried about the meeting with Roya that Brody was already late for. She broke into the Brody house when his phone went straight to voicemail and found Brody crouched on the floor, cradling himself, saying he couldn’t take it anymore.

Carrie talked Brody down as best she could, telling him that Roya was taking him to meet a new contact and to keep in mind that everything he was doing was for his family. And, most importantly, it was nearly all over.

At the designated meeting spot, Roya lambasted Brody for being late and a visibly unhinged Brody acted squirrel-y.

"You know what,” Brody told Roya when she asked what was going on. “I’ve been asked to be part of an attack on this country without knowing where or what … or why… being told ‘He needs you’ or ‘They need me’ and who the f- are ‘they’ anyway?”

Brody mumbled something about things being “impossible” and announced he was “through” and ran off after Roya told him quitting was “not an option.”

Carrie told Virgil to cut the tracking on Brody’s phone, although Virgil thought the operation was blown.

“As long as his cover isn’t blown he’s still in play,” said Carrie.

Quinn ordered Carrie to get Brody off the streets and bring him in because he was dangerous and out of control. Carrie found Brody just as he was getting into his SUV.

At Langley, Estes told Saul that his “protégé” had “really outdone herself this time.” 

Estes explained that Brody jumped surveillance with Carrie’s help; Carrie wasn’t picking up her phone and she and Brody were missing.

“She took a confessed terrorist off the grid,” said Estes, who was worried he’d kept Vice President Walden out of the loop in order to nab Abu Nazir, and now an attack on America was potentially imminent.

Saul insisted that Carrie was working to fix the situation. Estes told Saul to find Carrie and bring her back - with Brody.

At Mike’s condo, Dana spoke to Jessica on the phone and said that the reason Brody backed out of bringing Dana to the police station to confess was because Carrie “showed up and said something to him and suddenly it was all off.”

It was sweet to see Dana and her Mom finally bonding, even if it was over upsetting news. Dana told her mother that she didn’t mean to hurt her.

Inside a motel that turned out to be a safe harbor sight, Brody and Carrie talked. Brody lamented over having burned every bridge with Nazir, the CIA and his family: “I’m more alone now than I was at the bottom of that hole in Iraq,” Brody said.

Carrie told Brody that staying in the game against Nazir would make up for any damage he thought he’d done. She said that Nazir’s operation needed him.

“Believe me,” said Brody, “whatever plan they had for me has already been replaced by something else. And someone else.” No doubt an illusion to Carrie and her role with the CIA.

Carrie said that even Brody’s betrayal wouldn’t matter anymore if they saw this through, to which he responded, “You know how crazy everyone says you are? You’re crazier than that.”

Carrie explained that their CIA deal represented “a way out for both of us” and reminded Brody that he was not alone. Turned out Brody and Carrie were not alone either.

Carrie had checked into that particular motel as a sign to Saul that she was trying to turn the Brody situation around, so Team Quinn bugged the room. When Saul, Quinn and their team heard Brody and Carrie having sex, Quinn decided it was time to close up the operation. But Saul argued that “Brody is our only entry point to Roya and the cell" and insisted that Carrie took Brody to a safe harbor sight for a reason.

The next morning, Brody called Roya as per Carrie’s instructions and explained that he’d been under pressure at home and wished he could take back what he said and have things return to the way they were.

At the condo, Dana asked Mike if it was hard vanishing from their lives after Brody returned from Iraq. Mike said it was the right thing to do, which must have been both relieving and difficult for Dana to hear considering her particular situation.

At the Brody surveillance center, Saul told Carrie that the team tracked her and Brody to the motel. Saul, worried that Carrie was still in love with Brody, asked her if she was getting too close. Carrie said she did what she had to do.

In the Rayburn Senate parking garage, Roya got in Brody’s SUV and told him to turn around. Once they were on the road, Roya said she reported Brody’s outburst and his rather suspect morning phone call. She then removed the tracking device from Brody’s BlackBerry.

“She knows,” said Carrie, as she and her co-workers listened in before being abruptly cut off.

Dana went to the hit and run victim’s daughter’s house to apologize and take responsibility. The victim’s daughter warned Dana against her going to the police, saying it would only make things worse. Team Walden had ironed out a financial incentive that meant the police could never be told.

 Once again, Dana was denied the opportunity to go to the police for reasons involving corruption.

Roya and Brody drove into the night and stopped along the side of a country road as Max, Carrie and Virgil followed in the van.

“You say you want another chance,” Roya told Brody. “This is it.” Roya’s Gettysburg cohort approached them.

 On the phone with Quinn, Carrie demanded that she do a drive-by in order to get “actual eyes on” Brody. Out of fear for Brody’s safety, Carrie begged Quinn to swoop in and shut down.

“I am hearing a bad idea that you wouldn’t entertain in a million years if it wasn’t for your personal attachment to a terrorist… ” said Quinn, ordering Carrie to stay back. Of course, she didn't, and watched from afar as Brody was led into a field. A helicopter showed up and Brody, Roya and Co. boarded and flew off. They were later seen in a large, hangar-like factory setting. Two men led Brody toward a town car that Abu Nazir exited.

Nazir approached Brody and said, simply and quietly, “Nicholas.”

What did you think of last night's episode? Are you also wondering just how the heck Abu Nazir got into the U.S.?

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