Aaron Sorkin explains 'Newsroom' staff changes
August 2nd, 2012
11:45 AM ET

Aaron Sorkin explains 'Newsroom' staff changes

Remember those reports last month that Aaron Sorkin had dismissed the majority of the writing staff for his HBO show “The Newsroom"? Not so, Sorkin corrected this week.

In July, an online report claimed that Sorkin had bid farewell to most of his writers - except his alleged “ex-girlfriend” Corinne Kingsbury. But at a press conference in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, Sorkin said reports of that nature are “totally untrue," adding, “I love my writing staff."

HBO confirmed to Entertainment Weekly around the same time that some of the writers on Sorkin's new series weren't going to stick around for the second season, although the exodus wasn't going to be a big one.

Sorkin, however, has since characterized the reported behind-the-scenes shifts as “a couple” of staff changes, including promotions, with most of the writers being retained.

He did add that he's bringing on a team of “paid consultants” to work with him and the writing staff for the second season. He told Entertainment Weekly that he's particularly interested in providing a more conservative slant.

“I have some really bright, interesting conservative minds who have worked in conservative politics that will help me bolster some conservative arguments at those moments that we’re talking about politics,” Sorkin said. “I don’t know yet exactly the timeline of when season 2 takes place, but I would be extremely surprised if it didn’t include the election and the conventions. So there’s going to be those kind of [political] arguments coming up."

The award-winning scribe also indicated he’s read reviews of the show - both flattering and caustic - but that his hands were tied when it came to making any changes mid-season.

“One of the things about working for HBO is that the entire show is filmed and in the can before the first episode airs,” he said.

Of course that's not an issue for "The Newsroom's" second season, which HBO’s president of programming has announced will begin airing in June 2013.

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