Sorkin on Jobs film: Like writing about the Beatles
May 31st, 2012
01:59 PM ET

Sorkin on Jobs film: Like writing about the Beatles

Aaron Sorkin is preparing for the June 24 debut of his new HBO series, "The Newsroom," but he also has another huge project on his plate: the Steve Jobs movie he's been tasked with writing and directing.

"I'm at the earliest possible stage with Steve Jobs," the TV and film vet said at the D: All Things Digital conference Wednesday, adding that he had to think about signing up for the gig.

"To be honest with you, one of the hesitations I had in taking on the movie was that it was a little bit like writing about the Beatles," he added. "There are so many people out there who know so much about him and who revere him that I just saw a minefield of disappointment, frankly. ... That's bound to happen."

Sorkin's adapting the film from Walter Isaacson's biography "Steve Jobs," and he said he's anticipating those who'll point out a missing scene here and there.

"All I can say at this early stage of the game is that anytime you are at the movies and you see the words, the following is a true story, you should think of it as a painting and not a photograph," he cautioned.

And while he doesn't yet know who'll play the late Apple co-founder, he did tell CNN that it's "important" to him that he steer away from doing "a straight ahead biography."

"It's very difficult to shake that rigid cradle to grave structure that we have," Sorkin said. "And there needs to be a reason to tell this story, and it has to be funny, and somebody's going to have to teach me how a computer works."

As for the visionary himself, who died at 56 last October, Jobs was "a complicated and dynamic guy" in Sorkin's view.

"I think the reason why he holds such a place in our hearts is that he invented things that we love, that we can put our hands on. I think that Americans have been told so much in the last few years that our future is in service, basically," the screenwriter said. "And I think [Jobs' work] makes us nostalgic for a time when we built cars and we built buildings."

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