'The Killing': Linden lands in the crazy house
May 28th, 2012
03:15 PM ET

'The Killing': Linden lands in the crazy house

If you believe Holder’s theory in Sunday's episode, “72 Hours,” then you believe Rosie Larsen's murder goes straight to City Hall.

If not, we’ve got a lot of twists and turns to get through before the season closes out, so let's begin with Linden, who woke up in a psych acute ward.  Our favorite case-obsessed detective had earned another trip to the cuckoo’s nest, and was placed under 72-hour suicide watch.

Holder put up a fight in the lobby, and Lt. Carlson told him Chief Jackson said she was suicidal when they found her snooping in the hotel.

But Holder reminded him of what the tribe is capable of doing, a la his beating, and also pointed out to the Lt. that the Larsen evidence never made it to the County office. Bam!

At the Larsens, Stan and Aunt Terry were making amends when Terry asked, “What happens if the cops never find the guy?”

Great question, Terry - I’ll answer that. If that happened, then the writers and creators of the show would get a lot of hate mail and AMC would want to forget "The Killing" was ever on their schedule. We’ve been told there won’t be a runaround like season 1, so let's just ignore Terry’s question for now.

And in one of the most heart-breaking scenes ever, Stan called Rosie’s phone and left a parting message on her voicemail. He also apologized for never telling her he wasn’t her real father. Can we get Mr. Sexton an Emmy nod already?

While on the way back from Regi's, Holder spotted the waterfront property project with a big Mayor Adams sign and Michael Ames listed as the project manager. He found out that there was a break-in at the site the night Rosie died but Ames didn't press charges.

When it was time for Linden's first interview with Dr. Kerry, the topic was Linden’s last case, and the story behind the drawing she found on her fridge. Seeing Linden on the other side of interrogation was pretty awesome, and we learned that the picture's from a young boy who was found in a house with his murdered mother.

Sticking to the case, Holder talked to the cop who arrested the guy for breaking into waterfront property. The officer told Holder he was chewed out by Michael Ames, and that guy he arrested was Joseph Nowak, one of Janek Kavarsky’s goons.

Holder paid Linden a visit and updated her on his findings. They realized they’re getting closer to solving the case, and needed to find the key card from City Hall to fill in a huge gap.

From there, Holder confronted Nowak, who of course ran but was later subdued with a nice trip move. Holder then popped up in the back of Lt. Carlson's' car to give him the break down: After this Janek goon was arrested for breaking into Mayor Adams waterfront project site, Ames canceled a trip and went to the casino.

Janek’s boy was told to break in and bury some Indian bones. He was supposed to be protected but the arresting precinct didn’t get that memo.

Holder concluded the plan went wrong with the arrest and the players met at the casino to discuss it, with Rosie paying the ultimate price for catching wind of the conversation. Holder added that both Adams and Ames would sabotage their own project for a bigger pay day they knew was coming.

With Dr. Kerry, Linden was back to chatting about Rosie but her thoughts might have clues. She questioned why the killer would beat her and hunt her down with such determination and then leave her to die without being there to see it - a great question I’ve been asking over and over. I honestly believe the person who beat and tied Rosie isn’t the person who finally put her in the trunk.

We also learned that Linden's mom abandoned her at age 5, but before Dr. Kerry could get more information, a nurse walked in and announced that Linden has been released thanks to Rick Felder. Rick told Holder he’d bail Linden out, but wasn't interested in being in her life beyond that.

In our closing montage, we saw the hotel's tenth floor, where Chief Jackson told someone on the phone that things will be fine, and the crews cleaning the area won't find anything, but the bloodied City Hall card is still hidden in the debris unnoticed.

Over at the Richmond campaign, Jamie confronted Richmond with the cufflink he found belonging to Mayor Adams, and noted that Gwen was the last one to close up.

When Richmond asked her about it, Gwen told him about her first kiss with Adams at 14, and said that her plan was to blackmail him.

She also showed Richmond a video of him playing basketball with the kids in the community, and it's apparently a viral hit. Gwen claimed someone captured the video on a phone, even though it looked like an actual video camera, but whatever.

Later, Gwen met up with a man she handed an envelope to and thanked for the Richmond basketball video. This sneaky situation reminds me too much of the Holder scene at the end of last season to take it seriously, but with three episodes left this could have big implications.

What'd you think of this episode? Are the clues lining up with your own theory?

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  1. lavaughn

    i just love this show. i really believe Gwen has something to do wth rosie death. it's something about her that gives me the chills.

    May 29, 2012 at 7:29 am | Report abuse |

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