New York Senate honors Beastie Boy Adam Yauch
May 18th, 2012
02:25 PM ET

New York Senate honors Beastie Boy Adam Yauch

Brooklyn-born Beastie Boy Adam Yauch is getting posthumous props from his beloved city.

On Thursday, the New York Senate passed a resolution honoring the lifelong New Yorker’s accomplishments, according to MTV.

Yauch died of cancer earlier this month.

The resolution — officially billed as J4637 — was scribed by State Senator Daniel Squadron, who reps the BK neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights, where the rapper, known as MCA, was born.

In a statement, he commended the MC - who was raised in Manhattan’s The Village and the Lower East Side - for helping make New York City cool in the ‘80s and ‘90s when many were tempted to write it off.

"The Beastie Boys became well-known in the innovative music scene in Manhattan's East Village and Lower East Side with a sound and a style all their own,” Squadron said. “[They] exemplified New York through a period in which grassroots creativity and a community of iconoclastic artists helped redefine and rejuvenate a city on the ropes, with iconic imagery from Brooklyn to Ludlow Street."

Squadron also acknowledged Yauch's activism via his Milarepa Fund and Oscilloscope Laboratories, which produced a doc about wannabe basketball stars competing at a tournament in New York’s famed Rucker Park.

He also called Yauch “a man of colossal talent and charisma."

"Adam Yauch is survived by his wife, Dechen Wengdu, and their daughter Losel," said the resolution. "He will be missed by his family, his fans and all who knew him; his dedication to his music, his activism and his heritage leaves an indelible legacy of inspiration for all other artists."

Yauch died May 4 at the age of 47.

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