'Parks and Rec': A debate face-off with Paul Rudd
April 27th, 2012
01:41 PM ET

'Parks and Rec': A debate face-off with Paul Rudd

I don't envy Leslie Knope.

After all, she has to run for city council against Bobby Newport, who looks and sounds an awful lot like Paul Rudd.

The actor returned as a guest star on Thursday's "Parks and Recreation," and showed up to debate Leslie, with all of Pawnee watching. (It's a testament to this show that Rudd has been able to squeeze in a few appearances in the midst of his thriving film career, by the way.) Leslie is now in the home stretch, but she may have been a tad overconfident about besting Bobby in a debate.

As soon as she launched into her well-rehearsed opening statement that "Bobby Newport thinks he can buy" your vote, Bobby came back with a golly-gee-whiz-that-hurt-my-feelings response that threw her off her game and got the audience (and moderators) immediately on his side. This, of course, drove Leslie and her boyfriend/campaign manager Ben nuts.

Meanwhile, the fundraising party thrown at Andy and April's house hit a bit of a snag, when it was discovered that Andy didn't pay his cable bill so the guests couldn't watch the debate. Good thing he was an expert at re-enacting 1980s action movies, and "Babe." (I also need to give a quick kudos to Andy and April's momentary impression of wealthy political donors, complete with fake laughter and Andy just blurting out, "The economy.")

Ron, as he always does, came through by stealing the neighbor's cable. There is nothing quite like seeing Ron Swanson climb an electrical pole, while singing to himself. And, obviously, he was going to pay the neighbor back.

Things got even more heated in the spin room, after Tom refused to accept the fact that Ann broke up with him, and (correctly) suspected that Chris wanted to get back together with her.

Ann probably made the right decision by saying no to Chris, who planned to go for a run to work off those feelings of his. I don't think we've quite seen the end of Tom and Ann, though. At first I was confused by this relationship, and now it makes a very "Parks and Rec" kind of sense.

It wasn't looking too good for Leslie when Bobby made a thinly veiled threat for his father to cut jobs at the Sweetums candy factory if he wasn't elected. Ben finally gave permission to Leslie and she let him have it, and it played well with the crowd. The pro-gun candidate, the animal rights candidate, and the porn star candidate who tried to make herself look and act like Leslie were left in her dust.

So do you think Leslie is going to sail her way into the city council seat? I'm of two minds on this. For one thing, if she wins, how can they still call the show "Parks and Recreation"?

And what about Tom and Ann? Do you like their relationship? Share your view on video or comment below.

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  1. MichaelAPecci

    I have thoroughly been impressed with Parks and Recreation – and last night's debate was yet another great episode. As far as Leslie winning the city council seat, it has been previously established that the position is part time, which would allow her to also work part time in Parks as well.

    April 27, 2012 at 7:03 pm | Report abuse |

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