'The Killing': Who's the daddy?
April 23rd, 2012
01:32 PM ET

'The Killing': Who's the daddy?

[The following post contains spoilers from the April 22 episode of AMC’s “The Killing.”]

Sunday’s “The Killing” was definitely a game-changer. Aside from the huge Stan Larsen reveal, we also found out the possible sex of our killer and realized what we knew all along: Aunt Terry is in some way connected to Rosie’s murder.

Linden and Holder thought they had all the pieces needed to potentially implicate Alexi as Rosie’s murderer, calling it “poetic justice." They visited Monica Krol, Alexi’s mother, to find out his location, and Monica told them Alexi had no part in Rosie’s death. But like the understanding mother she seems to be only when her kid isn’t around, Linden convinced Monica to give Alexi up.

In the interrogation room, Holder - or as Alexi lovingly called him, “Slim Shady” – played bad cop. Even though Holder’s tactics failed, his “no soda,” “make-the-suspect-stand” routine was hilarious. Leave it to Lt. Carlson to come in and ruin the fun by telling Linden they could only hold Alexi for eight hours instead of 24. Why does he love putting road blocks up for our detectives? Sooner or later we’ll know.

And speaking of folks behaving oddly, Mitch was watching Rosie’s doppelganger argue with a man by the pool from her hotel room. At the motel’s diner, Rosie’s doppelganger, a.k.a. Tina, couldn’t pay for her meal, and Mitch offered to cover her bill and a seat at her table. It’s official - in the process of grieving, Mitch is stalking 17-year-olds.

While in the diner, Mitch told Tina that she had a daughter her age, but that her daughter “left.” Tina responded that she can’t help her, and headed out to the nearest “American Idol” audition. I’m not sure where this particular storyline is going, but I’m going to need Mitch to get back to Seattle sooner rather than later.

With time winding down, good cop Linden came in to chat with Alexi, and even pulled out the “I was a foster kid, too” card - and it worked. Alexi told Linden that Rosie hated her parents, but I’m not sure if that’s valuable info since most teens hate their parents around that time.

Linden suggested to Holder that they should do a reverse trace on Alexi’s phone, and keep it on the hush. Let’s hope he does.

Feeling like he had something to share, Stan dropped by the station. The staredown of the season ensued as he and Alexi made eye contact, and Linden then told Stan he should leave.

Meanwhile, things were only getting more depressing for Richmond. Outside of the hospital, he chatted up a woman visiting her brother in chemotherapy, but didn’t realize he’d peed on himself till she pointed it out. Last season’s scenes with the Larsens were by far the hardest to watch, but this time around they’re being phased out by Richmond.

Proving that Richmond was right and that he has no life, Jamie met with an old friend from the DA’s office, wanting to know if the DA was still taking heat for having to drop the charges against Richmond. Our favorite little politico is up to something, and I like it.

Lighting the fire under his somber bottom, Jamie told Richmond he believes Mayor Adams called for the doctored bridge photo to have his opponent framed for murder. This could get uglier than the actual campaign.

And then there’s this phone audio. On the night of her murder, Rosie left a message for Alexi saying, “I saw him again, Lex. I’m in so much trouble.” Rosie obviously seemed in fear for her life, and our detectives played the tape for Alexi. He said he dropped Rosie off at the ferry, but never knew what she was doing. He told them he waited there for her all night to return and she never did, nor did she pick up her phone.

When asked about the identity of the the guy Rosie refers to, Alexi’s lawyer snatched him up before he could respond. Regardless, what we did learn from this audio is that Rosie’s killer is more than likely male. So, everyone with Aunt Terry, Gwen, Mitch or Regi theories can put those to rest, for now.

Over at the Larsen’s, Stan was still calling Mitch, who still wasn’t answering. To make matters awkward/worse/creepy or however you want to call it, Stan was also lurking outside of Terry’s bedroom door.

Mitch and Terry’s parents, Helen and Tad, didn't think the boys should be living with Stan, and Tad also doesn’t think it’s wise for Terry to stay there, either. But he mentions that the “big shot” Terry keeps holding out for isn’t coming back. Who exactly is this Mr. Big Shot?

On stakeout, Holder convinced Linden to go home to Jack. When she arrived at her motel room, she found her ex waiting there pissed. Jack was sick with a temperature of 103 - guess they don’t have meds in those same vending machines where Linden gets Jack’s meals. She threatened to have her ex arrested and he leaves, but not before telling Linden what she needs to hear: “You care more about that dead girl than you do about your own son.”

TRUTH. She doesn’t care about Jack, and ultimately as the viewers, neither do we.

Back in the car, Holder was still looking out for Alexi, who turned up in the backseat and with a weapon, telling Slim Shady to drive.

Holder dropped in on Linden and told her Alexi wanted to talk. Was that Holder who did all of the hallway light theatrics though? I need an explanation. Is the guy from behind the camera stalking Linden getting closer to her? Seems like it.

Revealing more than he could at the station, Alexi told Linden and Holder that he did plan to kill Rosie, but fell for her. When asked who the guy was that Rosie was afraid of, he said it was someone in a black town car at the ferry. Kind of like the one her body was found in, perhaps?! Holder then proceeded to put in a request for information regarding all of the car services working with the ferry.

Back to dropping more bombs, Alexi mentioned to Linden that Rosie had a lot of secrets and pretty much kept him in the dark, including how she found out about her father. Linden asked if he’s referring to Stan’s alleged murder of Piotr Michaelski.

In a meeting with his lawyer, Stan learned that even though he’s been cleared of attempted murder charges, he’s still facing three-to-five years for all of the other foul stuff he and Belko did to Bennet Ahmed in season 1.

Stan and Terry did kiss after he was lurking outside of her door, but they stopped because someone was calling Terry’s phone. Stan walked out and Terry looked at her caller, which was just listed as “Private.”

In the closing montage, Aunty Terry was all dressed up like a basketball wife, and hopped out onto a street corner where a town car picked her up. She greeted her suitor with a smile and hello.

Meanwhile, in another car, Alexi revealed to Linden that Rosie told him Stan's not her real father.

So let’s throw everything out of the door when it comes to Rosie’s parents. I knew their pasts might have something to do with their daughter’s death, but the fact that Stan, a.k.a. the world’s most grieving dad, doesn’t even seem to know that Rosie isn’t his biological daughter only confuses me more. Does Mitch have a cheating past that might catch up to the family? Who is Aunt Terry’s “big shot” in the town car? Is Rosie’s real father behind all of this? Who is he?

Looks like next week we get to see more of the Ames family, so something tells me Jasper and his father might know something. Till then.

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  1. mj

    Jasper's dad is the father
    jasper is the killer

    April 24, 2012 at 4:08 am | Report abuse |
  2. hollywood distorter

    well we know it wasn't Chaz Bono!

    April 23, 2012 at 8:16 pm | Report abuse |
  3. bouncer bob

    Let me guess, justin bieber's the daddy?

    April 23, 2012 at 3:15 pm | Report abuse |
  4. Gr04

    I think Aunt Terry's big shot is Jasper's dad. Take it to the bank. Jasper's dad is a rich lawyer or real estate developer or something, and Aunt Terry knows him, probably from working with Beau Soleil. Remember at Rosie's wake, she smiled at him? And then she called him and his wife picked up? I have always suspected that Jasper's dad is the killer, and so far, its looking like he has a big role to play in this.

    April 23, 2012 at 2:52 pm | Report abuse |
  5. Mattaaaah

    What was the song that played while Stan and Terry kissed?

    April 23, 2012 at 2:16 pm | Report abuse |
    • dante

      @ Mattaaaah – the song was "You Wish You Were Red," by Trailer Trash Tracys.

      Definitely agree that Mr. Big Shot is probably our killer...

      April 23, 2012 at 3:43 pm | Report abuse |

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