'The Killing': The family Michaelski
April 16th, 2012
11:45 AM ET

'The Killing': The family Michaelski

[The following post contains spoilers for the April 15 episode of AMC’s "The Killing."]

With everything that’s happened in the lives of our characters, it’s hard to believe the Rosie Larsen case is only at day 17.

But if Sunday’s episode was any indication, things are about to pick up: We finally have our first major suspect (or just another red herring) of season 2.

Linden and Holder are back to talking over cases in the car again, and while they went over the contents of Rosie’s bag, Holder mentions he knows a guy who can give it a real examination.

He promises the guy is legit and apologizes for working with Gil Sloane, telling Linden he thought the Richmond photo was real. Per usual, Linden tells Holder to keep it moving and they follow men in S.A. Larsen trucks to Babka’s Polish restaurant – which, you guessed it, is owned by Janek.

Holder asks the question we’re all thinking: Does Stan know his trucks were used to help cover up Rosie’s murder?

Speaking of, Stan’s still a wreck. Nothing new there. When he wasn’t arguing with the funeral home over what to do with Belko’s body, he was arguing with Terry over Tommy’s behavior.

When Tommy locks Denny in a trunk (too soon, bro), Terry shakes him and freaks the boys out, prompting Tommy to give her the “You’re not my mom” treatment. What was that all about? Not sure Mitch is the right one for the mom job anyway.

A news report about Beau Soleil comes on and Stan questions the possibility of Rosie working there, but Terry brushes it off. Sooner or later I’d like to know how Aunt Terry plays into all of this, because she gets more and more suspicious by the episode.

Linden and Holder meet with an FBI agent specializing in organized crime, and while he doesn’t recognize the Ogi Jun tattoo, he points out that arson is Janek’s MO.

He also says that they believe Stan murdered a guy named Piotr Michaelski to get out of the mob, and he did it by putting him in a trunk, tying his hands and shooting him in the head.

Sounds eerily familiar, right? Piotr, by the way, was survived by his wife, Monica Krol. She’s still mad that Stan was never arrested for her husband’s murder 17 years ago, and when she’s told that Rosie was murdered she calls it “justice.”

Over at the station, Holder says they should question Sterling, Rosie’s best friend, because he remembers Sterling mentioning that Rosie might have been seeing a mystery guy.

In their chat, Sterling reveals that the guy with the Ogi Jun tattoo used to hang outside of Rosie’s house, and it creeped her out because he’d been in prison. Around the corner, Jasper Ames watches their every move.

Turns out the guy who got the tattoo was a foster kid named “Giffs,” short for Alexi Giffords. Alexi has been in and out of foster homes, and currently lives three blocks from the Larsen house.

Holder and Linden wait outside Alexi’s place, and Linden notes that Alexi’s a “planner” not a “runner,” a.k.a. premeditated creepy.

Meanwhile, Stan tries to pick Belko up from the morgue but the funeral home, uh, Janek, beat him to it. In a church, Janek takes the time to remind Stan about how he’s done everything for Stan’s family, and Belko never had the life he so wanted. Janek has his eyes on Stan’s boys and says Tommy’s getting beat up.

Stan goes to school to watch Tommy and sees that he is getting picked on. He tells Tommy that next time, he should choose the biggest guy and aim for the bridge of the nose. “Don’t run from your problems, punch them” - my words, not his.

And in another “what can Aunt Terry do to keep her shady streak alive” instance, Terry calls the Ames’ house but hangs up when Sally Ames answers. Guess she was hoping Jasper’s father, Michael, would pick up. Aunt Terry, you’ve got some explaining to do.

Doing some mopping on one of his vans, Stan finds some damaged wiring on the floor. You can see that he's connecting some dots, and he heads over to Janek’s, where Janek admits to burning down Beau Soleil.

While he and Stan argue, Alexi slips out the door and arrives home, where Holder is waiting. When the two men see each other, Alexi flees and gets away.

At the same time, Linden meets with a woman from child services to get Alexi’s file. Giffords is not Alexi’s birth name, it turns out – it’s Michaelski, and his mother is Monica Karol.

At the hospital, Richmond’s ‘tude is getting worse. Mayor Adams visits, and things get testy when Richmond indirectly accuses him of sending the police after him for Rosie’s murder.

Richmond tells Jamie he’s withdrawing from the race, and Jamie calls him a “coward.” Very nasty things are said, and they bid each other adieu. Let’s hope Richmond's storyline gets a jolt, because these scenes are more depressing than “Grey’s Anatomy.”

And now, for our closing montage: Stan is in his garage when Monica Krol walks up and tells him he got what he deserved.

Meanwhile, the cops are everywhere at Alexi’s place, and Linden goes through his Ogi Jun comic collection. Holder finds a picture of a young Alexi with his father Piotr, and they also find a drawing of Rosie with her face crossed out.

So is Alexi our killer avenging his father’s death? Tell us your theories in the comments!

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    bunch of ignorant racial comments. I bet they are losers in life making these comments and they feel better after they have spread their misery

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  2. Ginger

    Tracie ~ wasn't sure if turd was proper to use, but it was cleaner than my other word!!

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    Ok tracie, that 1 made me laugh!

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    I still think that blonde chick working for the councilman had something to do with it.

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    • Ginger

      If not her, her Dad, he is a big wig of some sort. It will probably be someone we haven't seen yet! Too many hands in the pot to tell right now!!

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  5. Ginger

    Alexi being the killer would be too easy this early on! The Aunt knows more than she is letting on for sure. I just want to smack Tommy, he is being a real turd!!

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