Courtney Love apologizes to daughter...on Twitter, of course
April 16th, 2012
02:13 PM ET

Courtney Love apologizes to daughter...on Twitter, of course

On the heels of her controversial Twitter posts - which sparked the ire of her daughter Frances Bean Cobain and rocker Dave Grohl - Courtney Love serendipitously reunited her band Hole for the first time in 15 years over the weekend.

New York Magazine's Vulture reports that the singer took the stage with the grunge group in Brooklyn, New York, on Friday night. (Video of the performance is at the link.)

The last-minute show, held at Williamsburg's Public Assembly, saw the group’s original lineup - Love, Patty Schemel, Melissa Auf der Maur and Eric Erlandson - take the stage for two songs. It was the band’s first time playing together since 1999.

Last week, Love was making headlines for less professional reasons. Gawker captured a string of tweets from Love's private Twitter account in which she reportedly claimed that Foo Fighters musician Dave Grohl had made inappropriate sexual advances toward her daughter, Frances Bean.

Grohl denied the claims, and Frances released a statement of her own denying them, adding that “Twitter should ban my mother.”

Love apparently apologized to her daughter over the weekend -  via Twitter, of course.

According to Entertainment Weekly, she sent out a tweet which read “Bean, sorry I believed the gossip... Mommy loves you.”

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  4. harlooo wiccan

    Leave these people in peace. sorrt miss bean for all yoi,ve been though. and courtney you and i are more alike than anyone will ever know! lmao check out my spelling!

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  5. p zombie

    Courtney love is a joke. And a murderer.

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  6. Shane

    Courtney should be in prison for killing kurt

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  7. danielwalldammit

    Always nice to see a family get together. ...on the net.

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    Is it just me or is the word "serendipitously " totally misused here?

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  12. social network

    she should take her daughter's advice and get off twitter (and the drugs).

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  13. Constance Leigh Craven-Cox

    You stay Klassy San Diego.

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  14. LiL Tex

    Courtney is getting older and slower and running out of ideas on how to hurt folks but she better be careful with her daughter, she has alot of Courtney hidden away in her and she may not speak to her again which would destroy Courtney.Meanwhile back at the ranch,Courtney really looks good for what she has been through, take care Girl, this might be your last chance. Just stay still and be quiet.

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  15. durpp

    Drugs rule!

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  16. Amanda

    First of all, that is not the original line up of Hole – let's just get the facts straight. There are several former bassists Most notable Kristen Pfaff who recorded the Live Through This album but died shortly after it was released.
    Also if my math is correct 2012-1999 = 13 years. Please CNN check your facts and math.

    April 16, 2012 at 9:53 pm | Report abuse |
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  19. janice kroner

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  20. PJH

    The lineup they list is not the original lineup of Hole. How about some fact checking CNN?

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  21. talbet

    Poor Frances. She does seem to have made it through with her sanity intact though.

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  22. Ass Machine

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  25. ban twitter

    I hate twitter. Twitter should be banned. Most entertainment articles these days are about what people are tweeting, from Love to Gaga.

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  26. tracie

    I still think Courtney Love is cool.

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    • Dyana

      Love me some Courtney!

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    • Archtype

      Courtney Loves seems mentally unbalanced and is most likely one of those arrogant people who thinks rules are for everyone else. I am sure Kurt probably didn't think she was cool at the end.

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    • JuneCleaversBeaver

      In a no talent herion addict sort of way..........

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  27. Sokman

    Why is this woman still allowed to waste oxygen?

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