'Eastbound & Down': Never say die
March 5th, 2012
02:39 PM ET

'Eastbound & Down': Never say die

So we’ve been down this road before: Everything in the world of Kenny Powers is awesome, until reality actually comes into play.

Thanks to a stellar Matthew McConaughey cameo; a Russian with an awful haircut; and what appeared to be a heart attack caused by too much excitement from “Walk Like an Egyptian," with Sunday's episode I welcomed all of the tension, conflict and hilarity that is sure to come in the rest of the season.

For starters, can I ask who styles Maria? My guess is an early 2000s/late ‘90s stylist, because her collection of FUBU and Rocawear would have been something to marvel at back in my high school days.

Anyhow, we kick things off with Stevie and Shane sizing each other up, and the fight to be KP’s best friend has started. Honestly, I’m looking forward to these little tussles for the title of KP’s BFF, and Jason Sudeikis has killed in his role so far.

Back on the diamond, Wooderson from “Dazed and Confused” is in town to watch KP. OK, so that’s just Roy (McConaughey), the scout fully equipped with a crustache and mullet. Roy lets KP know he’s got competition in the form of a Russian pitcher, Ivan Dochennko, the real reason he’s paying a visit to the Mermen.

Roy wants KP to be a mentor to Ivan, and though he hates the idea of being Mr. Miyagi, how can you say no to McConaughey telling you, “Mr. Miyagi was a bad m*******a”?

KP tries to find solace in his college girlfriend, Andrea. Seeking some confidence, he ask if she’ll be there to believe in him when the times comes because - as he puts it - “I’d much rather be doing cocaine and watching the 'Saw' movies on DVD in your dorm room with you” than being a father. Meanwhile, Stevie and Maria are at the house playing mom and dad and setting up for Toby.

On the beach, Shane later confronts Stevie and tells him he’s in the way of their friendship and KP’s comeback. Both men take the award for their creepy, Stan-eqsue infatuations with KP, but it’s these very man-crushy moments that we look forward to. Are you #TeamShane or #TeamStevie?

Won’t let you in on my allegiance either way.

In one of the lower moments of the season, KP decides to drop in on one of Andrea’s college lectures, seeking to recoup on his asking her to believe in him. Turns out Ivan and KP can’t see eye to eye on anything, and the New Russian on the Block hits our man with the ultimate diss by calling him a “has-been,” making KP more worried than ever. Thus, KP tries to find peace by having someone else drop everything for him, but Andrea’s got class. Oopsies.

At KP’s house, Stevie has been taking cues from Southern Living in decorating Toby’s room - formerly known as The Dojo - and KP doesn’t like it. He rips into Stevie, but admits that he’s nervous about the potential threat that Ivan brings to the table, being a father and trying to balance it all.

Stevie gives a rousing pep talk of how KP overcame April and Mexicans to get to where he is now, and that no matter what, he always comes out on top. KP tries to take that new mindset into his next game, but on the mound he gives up a Grand Slam, has a meltdown and, of course, Ivan comes in and takes care of business.

Now feeling completely overwhelmed with everything, KP is at Shane’s house, where lines of cocaine and Tecate are in order to help our boy ease his mind. Sure, that’ll work. Play some “Walk Like An Egyptian” by The Bangles, and now the party can really start. Well, so KP thinks. Meanwhile, Shane is in the background suffering from a heart attack and collapses.

Dead or alive, Shane’s demise (if he is in fact deceased) added another dark twist to the story, and can’t be good for KP going forward. Then again, as Stevie would tell you, he’s the reason that KP made it this far, and without Shane in the picture.

Heck, imagine if Shane’s potential death steered KP in a drug-free direction. Probably won’t happen, but just a thought.

Either way, tell us what you thought of this week’s episode and the season going forward.

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  1. Richard Fore

    Hey Vixen. Learn to spell properly!! Your schtick is getting old. Go peddle your crazy somewhere else....I will bend you over and ram dat big ol pooper!!

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  2. Grim Reaper

    tell the truth. i let you go cuz i got tired of your b!tching.

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  3. Beautiful Vixen

    I don't like the word die. I just experianced death and it was not me. I apologize for that ppl.

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