Valentine's Day the 'New Girl' way
February 15th, 2012
03:09 PM ET

Valentine's Day the 'New Girl' way

Valentine’s Day didn’t turn out quite the way the "New Girl" roommates planned.

Nick and Julia hoped to go all out for Valentine’s Day, and Winston thought he was going to have a relaxed night with his lady friend.

Jess was feeling “twirly” (her adorkable word for in the mood), so for Valentine’s Day, it was all about what “little Jess” wanted: A one-night stand.

Jess convinced Schmidt to come to the bar with her while she looked for a candidate, and Ci Ci decided to join them.

Before they left, Jess wanted to make sure she was prepared, so of course she packed an overnight bag that included things like a sewing kit and stain remover. (You can never be too prepared, we suppose.)

While Jess made an epic fail on her attempt at being sexy, someone comes up behind her to see if she’s OK. It was "True Blood’s" Ryan Kwanten, except last night he was a taco-loving guy named Oliver. After Jess realized they have nothing in common, she decided he’s perfect for a one-night stand.

Right when the sexual tension between Ci Ci and Schmidt was at its peak, Ci Ci’s boyfriend showed up high, making it a not-so-happy Valentine's Day for Ci Ci.

Schmidt ended up having to take Jess and Oliver to his place since neither of them have cars, and of course he decided to stay and watch "Planet of the Apes" with them to make sure Jess had a ride home. Such a blocker! Thankfully, Ci Ci said she’d come pick Schmidt up so he could leave Jess his car.

Jess couldn’t seem to get her one-night stand to happen, especially once Oliver’s ex-girlfriend, Amy, walked into the house. Apparently, they just broke up the week before, and still lived together. I would have left right then and there, but Jess was "twirly," and determined to make it happen.

Needless to say, Amy was pretty mad, so when Ci Ci walked in with her boyfriend, Amy started making out with him to make Oliver jealous. Ci Ci and Amy started fighting, and Schmidt ended up carrying her out kicking and screaming.

While all of this is happening, Nick ended up spending most of his Valentine’s Day with Julia’s awkward and inappropriate intern Cliff (guest star Clark Duke) since Julia was too busy with work to spend time with him. Think that's going to be the beginning of the end?

Winston’s chill night with his lady friend ended up being him spending the evening with his lady friend… and her girlfriends. He ended up actually having a good night and winning his lady friend over. After her friends left, she didn’t let him leave, so his night was still a success. I must say, I was glad to see Winston finally score.

Instead of a one-night stand, Jess ended up helping Oliver get back with his ex and going back home. After Schmidt advises Jess to not think so much the next time she tries to have fling and heads to his room, Jess grabs her box of 100 condoms (yes, 100…that box was huge) and walks to his door.

Right when I was thinking, “I can’t believe she’s about to do this!” Nick caught her. He freaked out when he realizes Jess almost hooked up with Schmidt. Nick was probably pretty jealous, especially since he ended up coming home alone that night.

The big “OMG” moment of last night’s episode was when Ci Ci and Schmidt gave in to all of their sexual tension and FINALLY hooked up. Apparently Jess wasn’t the only person feeling twirly that night.

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