How to spy on a spy on 'Covert Affairs'
November 9th, 2011
03:30 PM ET

How to spy on a spy on 'Covert Affairs'

Tuesday night's episode of "Covert Affairs" was a tour de force for Peter Gallagher, as Annie was entrusted by Joan to work with Arthur on a mission in Berlin (gotta say, I am digging the fact that Annie is traveling a lot more this season).

It wasn't too difficult to figure out that Joan actually wanted Annie to spy on Arthur, as he'd had a previous relationship (or at least flirtation) with Elsa, the asset that they were trying to get information from there. It turns out that Arthur was in Berlin in 1989 (for the fall of the Berlin wall, perhaps?).

We finally got to see Arthur out in the field, and he did not disappoint. Watching Arthur take part in a car chase was worth the price of admission.

And, as promised over all of these episodes in the opening sequence, we got to see Annie behind the wheel of a motorcycle.

In the meantime, Auggie went to a memorial for his special forces friend, Billy, and met up with Billy's sister. The pair ended up dancing there at the bar, and despite their misgivings, it looks like there is more romance in Auggie's future (bad news for Annie/Auggie 'shippers - for the short term, anyway).

We also found out that Annie's new apartment cannot be revealed to anyone, not even Auggie, and certainly not her sister, Danielle. It will be interesting to see if that little plot point comes back.

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  1. Mr. Ed

    My green thang smells like puss. I need penisillin.

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  2. OR

    How to troll a troll. [Not hard to do hear] and I am firsty !

    November 9, 2011 at 3:33 pm | Report abuse |

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