'Forced Family Fun' on 'Parenthood'
November 2nd, 2011
03:30 PM ET

'Forced Family Fun' on 'Parenthood'

The title of this week's episode of "Parenthood"  is "Forced Family Fun," but they very well could have stopped at "Forced Family."  I'm not sure anyone had any fun.

That's not to say Kristina didn't try. She made chocolate chip pancakes for a special “we can take the baby out of the house” breakfast, which everyone but the baby bailed on. You could feel the epic Kristina meltdown getting closer every minute.

And after they piled into the car to go to mini golf, there it was: Mini-Van Maxi Meltdown!

I don’t think they made it two blocks from the house before the "I don't want to sit there, that's my seat, why aren't we bowling, I knew this was a bad idea" bickering got to her. Kristina made Adam stop the car in the middle of the street, kicked everyone out of the van and went to mini golf by herself. When she calms down and comes home, she tells Haddie she's feeling a little selfish, knowing that Haddie will be leaving for college soon.

Seth is still in rehab, and still clinging to Sarah, who is going along with it. I can't tell if Sarah is putting up with it for the sake of the kids or what.  At one point he tells her he’s staying in rehab because of her. Isn’t that the No. 1 wrong reason to be in rehab?

Zeek tries to get her to understand she needs to set boundaries with Seth, but the only boundary Sarah sets is between herself and her dad. I feel bad for him when he tells Adam how it's tearing him up to watch her deal with the guy who ruined her life....

...And who continues to ruin her life. Sarah cancels a date with Mark Cyr, the guy with a steady job and no substance abuse issues, in order to go to a counseling session with Seth.  And she actually tells him all of this.  I’m glad he told her it wouldn’t be OK for her to cancel at the last minute again.

Sarah has to relive some of the crap he put her through, and talks about how he should have listened to her when she asked him to go to rehab the first time. When she’s talking to Julia about it, she asks why Sarah's being so supportive of Seth, which is an excellent question.

It’s one thing to give someone a ride to rehab, pat him on the back and call once a week. Going to see your ex at rehab, participating in therapy, and shutting yourself off from family and the boyfriend who waited two years for you is something else altogether. Altogether wrong.

And even though she tells Mark he doesn’t need to worry about Seth, I’m not sure either one of them believes that.  I don’t, anyway.  She might not want to go back to him, but that doesn’t mean Seth won’t cause Sarah and Mark problems.

Speaking of Braverman ex problems, Crosby got quite the surprise when he dropped Jabbar off at Jasmine’s 20 minutes early. They found her having morning-after coffee with Dr. Joe, which was all kinds of awkward.

The doc tells Jabbar he was out of coffee at his place. After Crosby leaves, Dr. Joe hangs around to play with Jabbar. You can see Crosby deflate a little when Jabbar tells him about it, but Crosby’s not dealing with the situation well.  How do I know?

I know because he runs the situation by a woman he’s interviewing to be the receptionist at the studio. He goes to yell at talk to Jasmine about not having significant others around their kid until they discuss it, and she shrieks at him tells him that he's insane until he yells says that he doesn’t want to be replaced in Jabbar's life.

She actually backs down, which is surprising for Jasmine. It usually takes her much longer to cut him a break about anything, especially if she's wrong. But she does sit down with him later to have the discussion. Poor guy.

Julia has one more thing to be laser focused on. Zoe is eating sushi, which apparently is horrible for pregnant women. For some reason Joel thought Julia could be casual about talking to Zoe about what she should be eating while she's pregnant.

Julia means well, but Zoe immediately gets defensive. Really, why would you be upset that some chick you met five minutes ago and decided to give your baby to two minutes ago is criticizing your pregnancy cravings while you're working?  As the latte girl.  In said chick's law office.

Have I mentioned I don't see this adopt-a-child at the office plan going well?

What do you think? Will the adoption work out for Julia and Joel? And what about Kristina's freak-out? Was it all you'd hoped it would be? Let us know in the comments.

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