'How to Make It In America': Here's to you, Mrs. Gershon
October 31st, 2011
12:08 PM ET

'How to Make It In America': Here's to you, Mrs. Gershon

It makes sense that an episode titled “Mofongo” would mix the various "How to Make It In America" plot lines into a TV dish that only an HBO dramedy could pull off.

We learned last night that our favorite gangster turned aspiring CEO, Rene, wasn't doing so well. Despite the fact that the viral video of Wilfredo has the young kids going nuts, and the buzz for Rasta Monsta is growing, all Rene could think about was Debbie. She was still giving him the silent treatment after the whole fake diamonds fiasco from last week.

Not even a trip to New Haven’s “second-best” strip club could take his mind off an aching heart. The scenes of the flawed, desperate Rene are my favorite.

Speaking of folks struggling, Rachel is at work and fading fast. I wasn't aware doodling on your notepad during a meeting was that bad, but everyone knows that when the boss calls on you for ideas, you better have something epic. I’m still trying to understand her pitch. What’s a squeegee? Can y’all fill me in? Either way, I see Rachel quitting this job soon.

And it’s looking like Rachel and Domingo’s fling will be coming to an end. For starters, Rachel doesn’t like that Domingo runs on dope boy (a.k.a., weed dealer) time. He can’t hang later because Light-Skinned Leon is in town.

Rachel wants to know if Domingo spoke to Ben about them and he kind of tells the truth. But he skips the whole Ben being pissed about it part, telling her, “It’s cool.” It’s never cool, Do.

Meanwhile Ben and Cam are stalking Gadzooks buyers Christin and Kirsten. The fellas have a decision to make: Sell in bulk to a popular tween shop or stick to their aspirations of a Barney’s display. (For the record, I last stepped foot in a Gadzooks when I was 16. Thought they were all but extinct.)

The boys spring the look book on Christin and Kirsten outside of their hotel, but the girls from St. Louis just want to have fun. Who better to show them the city than Cam and Ben?

While the CRISP boys are making their pitch, Rene continues to push for Debbie’s forgiveness. When Rene shows up at her place, she says she has bigger problems in the form of her teenage daughter, Nilda, who has been hanging with folks her mother says put “gay ideas” in her head.

On the train, Rachel and Lulu are chatting about something I think all single folks experience: That moment when your excitement for your newest flame starts to fade. Rachel’s trying to find excuses about why her interest in Domingo might be dissipating and comes up with, “Maybe now that Ben knows about it, it’s like the mystery’s gone.”

As Lulu counters, “That’s a brutally honest way of looking at it.”

It's looking like Rachel's going to move from the smooth stoner to Ziggy from “The Wire.” He’s apparently on this show for real, so I’ll call him by his rightful name, James Ransone. Between a garden flirt session and a well-shot hipster bike ride through Brooklyn, we get the sense that Rachel might be shifting her love interests to farmer/Neanderthal designer, Tim.

I’m about as excited for this potential storyline as a Georgia Bulldog fan at a Tim Tebow book signing.

I was, however, glad to see Rene have a heart to heart with Nilda, even delivering the line of the night: “Who you are and who you want to see yourself with, baby, that’s your business.” Looks like Rene might be staying over at Debbie’s again. Rene and Nilda return home, where Debbie's making mofongo and all's well again in the world of our Rasta Monsta boss.

The party with the Gadzooks girls hits the club, and Kappo is there encouraging folks to call him “Young Gekko.” Before we get to that, Ben and Domingo make up, all set up by Cam. And we can thank Light-Skinned Leon for wearing a CRISP hoodie that makes Christin and Kirsten want to put in an order.

Nancy shows up to celebrate with the kids, but seems annoyed by Cam and Ben's approach…or just wishing she got more attention from Ben. In other news, none of Young Gekko’s credit cards are working, which makes me hope the writers will start delving into his potential SEC scandal sooner than later. This is all swept under the rug when Nancy picks up the bill.

While paying for the party seemed like a nice gesture, we all know what Nancy really wanted, and she got it in the cab ride home with Ben. While Nancy and Ben’s hooking up was no shocker, I felt like their lustful scenes were well done, but made you wonder how mixing business and pleasure will affect the CRISP brand and the relationship between its two co-founders.

What did you guys think of last night’s episode? Who's your favorite character so far this season?

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  2. Rook

    Great blog, this show had a great season 1 but the characters are getting a little annoying in season 2, so far Ben, Cam, Kappo and Rene are still going strong but Rachel and Domingo need to GO, they are obnoxious and fake, not to mention the hipster diarrhea is unneccessary as well

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