Mandy Moore lands ABC comedy
October 19th, 2011
06:58 PM ET

Mandy Moore lands ABC comedy

In case you’ve been worried about Mandy Moore’s career, fret no longer! The former teen pop star has scored her own TV show, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Moore, 27, hasn’t exactly been unemployed as of late, but she hasn't been especially visible. The pop star voiced Rapunzel in animated feature “Tangled” last year, and has recently completed a series of guest appearances on ABC drama “Grey's Anatomy.”

It may be thanks to her “Grey’s” stint that Mandy landed upcoming ABC series “Us and Them.”

The single-camera comedy centers on newlywed couple Annie (Moore) and Ben as they struggle to reconcile their new family of two with the ones they grew up with.

Mandy’s movies include 2002 tear-jerker “A Walk to Remember” and 2007 romantic comedy “License to Wed.”

"Night at the Museum" director Shawn Levy will direct and executive produce “Us and Them.”

No word yet on Mandy’s onscreen hubby.

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  1. @peace

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  2. sad girl

    Tee hee I not so sad no more say by by to sad girl I getting new name tee hee

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  3. @1:18 pm

    Lmao..i would pay to see that.

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  4. @@@@peace

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  5. @@@Peace

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  6. @@peace

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  7. @Peace

    Mr. Ed can't help it. I would be grumpy too if i was bleeding through my a**

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  8. Peace

    Good am all! Hey Mad, How are ya? (Besides super busy?) Good to "see" ya! BV, LMAO! I saw your msg on Bette Midler...I do remember! As for your door deco, too funny! Hope your Dad is doing well. Now, Mr. Ed, WTH did I ever do to you? You called me a couple choice names, which I don't understand why...? I didn't respond to BV because I went to bed. I do need sleep ya know, my days are pretty busy. Would you take a minute & tell me WTH I did to make you call me such names. I can't figure it out, I was ALWAYS nice to you & looked forward to your comments. We used to kid around, what hap'd? 🙁 Hope ya have a good day, everyone else, too!

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  9. Get a room

    Mandy Moore's singing career was a comedy.

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  10. Beautiful Vixen

    Hi Mad, just thought you were going under different names. really are not missing much on here. Nice to hear from you. Enjoy your day. xoxo

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  11. O RLY

    I'm assuming people chose this Mandy Moore article to share stories since I do not see a "While you were working..." article anywhere... :O

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  12. The Måd Råp3r

    Hi peace and BV, been so busy between school and work I barely get on here anymore.

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  13. Missy

    Hey Mr. Ed. – I've told you a 100 times, I'm nobody but me. I don't know who sad girl is, but again, not me. Personally, I would like to stay on your good side, so you will not get any bad comments from me.

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  16. mmmmmm

    Mandy Moore is ok. Not the greatest though. Not overly tallented.

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  17. sad girl

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  19. Missy

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  20. Mr. Ed

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  22. Missy

    Hey Mr. Ed, how are you tonight?

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    For you missy, yes.

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  24. @Mr. Ed

    Is that you? If so, relax! Can we keep it pleasant tonight?

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  26. Missy

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  28. @peace

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  29. Happy Cow

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  30. Peace

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  31. Beautiful Vixen

    You really need to ask...lmao. The trolls got the best of us.

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  32. guest19

    Firsty, who?

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  33. I'm firsty...

    ...Where is every one ?

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