'Parenthood': A new arrival, plus the return of Seth
October 12th, 2011
04:15 PM ET

'Parenthood': A new arrival, plus the return of Seth

In this week's episode of "Parenthood," Max was having a hard time dealing with his punishment for fighting with Jabbar.

He has to spend a week on lunch detention, which means he's supposed to eat in a classroom away from the other students. Kristina gets permission to have a family member sit with him, and she asks Amber. This is both to help him work on the apology he has to write and so he has someone to make him feel comfortable.

In reality, it's Amber's who needs someone to make her feel comfortable.

You see, she wasn't sure about how to deal with Max one-on-one, but I think in the end she pulled through. When she tries to help him understand how and why he needs to apologize to Jabbar, Amber realizes he doesn't understand facial expressions and tone.  I love that she shows Max a video of President Clinton's post-Lewinsky apology as an example of how someone should look and sound when they're sorry for something.

I love even more that she tells him "details aren't important" when Max asks why Clinton is apologizing.

Best of all, Amber's DIY lessons seem to work - Max is able to write and say his apology, and Jabbar accepts.

Meanwhile, Crosby goes on a date and - as these things tend to go - runs into Jasmine.... who's also on a date, with the pediatrician/President Palmer No. 2 from "24."  And Crosby has a problem with it.  Yes, yes, that Crosby - the guy who cheated on Jasmine with his brother's employee.  And he's complaining to his brother about it, clearly not realizing he's talking to the wrong audience about this particular issue.

That doesn't last long, because they move on to arguing about the fact that some recording artist named Mista Ray may or may not be ready to sign a contract to record with them.  Adam was under the impression they were ready to sign, Crosby insists he never said that. This is a partnership that's going to go SO well.

Crosby asks Adam to "hip it up" before the meeting. Adam makes a good effort and he fits in... in 1989.  I don't have the words to describe how wrong his outfit is. And when he gets a look at himself in a car window, he realizes just how wrong it is.  He calls Crosby in a panic and sends him to his house to get what he calls his "Adam Braverman" clothes.

The potential clients arrive before Crosby does, and Adam ends up having to take the meeting by himself, in that outfit.  I'm not sure what qualifies as moment of the show: the rap stars seeing Adam in that outfit, one of them telling Adam his growling dog doesn't like white people, or Adam responding that he's not white on the inside.

While Crosby's supposed to be picking up Adam's clothes, he insists on complaining to Kristina about Jasmine and her doctor friend AND the fact Kristina asked her to help get her family on the doctor's appointment book.  Crosby and Kristina get into a huge fight about everything from the business to Crosby sleeping with Gabby.  That fight wraps up when Kristina goes into labor.

Adam's still in the hip-hop star's mansion where he can't get cell service, so he misses all of Crosby's calls about Kristina being in labor. Crosby stays with Kristina while she has the baby. One of Crosby's messages made it through to someone at the meeting, so Adam finally rushes to the hospital and arrives, pants on the ground and all, just after baby Nora makes her debut.

Sarah and Mark come home to find Sarah's drunken ex Seth on the step. It only gets better when Zeek comes out and sees him there, and proceeds to toss Seth's drunk ass off his property. That must have been horrible for Sarah, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Later, Camille tells Zeek he needs to apologize to Sarah, and pretty much stay out of the situation.  Zeek insists he's going to call the cops if Seth shows up drunk again. I'm with Zeek on this one. Sarah doesn't seem like she can handle the situation (which she hears Zeek say). It's not good for her, but it's clearly good for Seth when Sarah answers his call in the middle of the night. She goes out to help him, and finds him lying drunk and apparently beaten up in an alley.

Zoe the latte girl is sitting in Julia's office, apparently in labor, and maybe in denial, too.  Julia takes her to the hospital, sits with her (turns out it was just Braxton-Hicks)  and takes her home the next day. Julia has her spend the night, since Zoe doesn't seem to have anyone she can lean on.

Zoe sees Julia with her family and eventually changes her mind about letting Julia and Joel adopt her baby.  But I still don't see how this whole thing is going to turn out well.

What do you think? Will Zoe letting Julia adopt her baby work out, or will it be more Boundary-less Braverman drama? And do you think Sarah is going to have to learn to let Seth handle his own problems?

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