Melissa Etheridge on 'L Word' actress kiss
September 28th, 2011
01:36 PM ET

Melissa Etheridge on 'L Word' actress kiss

Don’t expect to see Melissa Etheridge getting steamy in public anytime soon.

The famed singer/songwriter, who received her Hollywood Walk of Fame star Tuesday, told CNN at the event that she’s not really into overt displays of public affection, be they heterosexual, homosexual or otherwise.

That's not to say she hasn't shared a kiss with a partner on occasion.

Etheridge, who's been dating "Nurse Jackie" creator Linda Wallem, admits she's "leaned over and kissed my partner” while on an airplane, as “L Word” actress Leisha Hailey says she did when she and her girlfriend were booted from a Southwest flight.

But, Etheridge continues, "Was I making out with my partner in front of people, making them uncomfortable? No. So of course I want to stand up and go, ‘Same sex kiss,’ but I want to know everything that was going on before I make a judgment about this or that."

Hailey and her girlfriend Camila Grey claim that they were told by a flight attendant that Southwest was a "'family' airline and kissing was not OK" after they shared a "modest kiss."

Southwest has released a statement that they received complaints from passengers that "indicated...the behavior was excessive." Ultimately, the airline says, it was the couple's "aggressive" reaction to the situation that "led to their removal from the aircraft." Hailey and Grey are working on filing a formal complaint with the airline.

Regardless, Etheridge says she prefers for everyone to show their love in private.

"I’m not one for big public displays of affection, anyway,” she told CNN. “Straight, gay, whatever.”

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  1. gracen

    Leisha Hailey was my favorite L word actress, but what does Melissa Etheridge have to do with anything, is she like the lesbian expert?

    September 30, 2011 at 12:29 am | Report abuse |
  2. Melba Toast

    She is an old hag with a coo~terHole full of maggoShyt.

    September 29, 2011 at 12:15 pm | Report abuse |
  3. jb2817

    If they're both hot I have no problem with a little carpet munchin

    September 29, 2011 at 7:18 am | Report abuse |
  4. Charlie Tuna

    "Ask any mermaid ya happen to see
    whats the best tuna, chicken of the sea"

    September 29, 2011 at 6:29 am | Report abuse |
  5. Hungry Man

    Tuna u im i want a tuna sandwich

    September 29, 2011 at 3:57 am | Report abuse |
  6. Maria

    What Melissa said is that without detail she reserves judgement. Lets put thought into this. Most of these posts reflect ignorant typically male takes on lesbian affection. Grow up. I don't defend what this couple did, BUT do we aactually know what they did? After all.....they let Casey Anthony go free.....

    September 28, 2011 at 11:06 pm | Report abuse |
  7. Chile

    I would not look to ME as an expert on anything. I have no respect for anyone who starts a family and then deserts them when things get rough. ME is no expert, if she was she would still be with herwife and kids.

    September 28, 2011 at 7:28 pm | Report abuse |
  8. gross

    stop pushing this on america...god where is jerry falwell when u need him

    September 28, 2011 at 6:46 pm | Report abuse |
  9. Fred Frump

    It's only ok if they're young & hot, and then only if we can watch.

    September 28, 2011 at 4:57 pm | Report abuse |
  10. Lynn

    To be honest, flight attendants now a day acting like FBI , seriously , I think Airlines should send their flight attendants to see the shrinks more often, people have power strugle in their personal life and express it in their professional life .

    September 28, 2011 at 4:44 pm | Report abuse |
    • Evel Knievel

      I beg to differ. No one wants to sit next to a couple of gals on an airplane who make the place smell like a tuna factory when they get worked up.

      September 28, 2011 at 4:52 pm | Report abuse |
    • @Lynn

      What a truly ignorant statement. Flight Attendents are the first line of defense when it comes to safety on an airplane. Let's see how you feel the next time someone tries to bring down the plane you're on. Moron!

      September 29, 2011 at 10:50 am | Report abuse |
  11. 21jax

    Yes, let's ask a cheater what she thinks about airplane snogging between committed couples, gay or str8. I bet Tammy Lynn Michaels wants to poke her eye out when she reads this drivel. How about asking Melissa when the next support cheque is in the mail?

    September 28, 2011 at 3:50 pm | Report abuse |
  12. Lexl

    @ Paco. You have obviously no idea what you are talking about!!

    September 28, 2011 at 3:09 pm | Report abuse |
  13. Evel Knievel

    Melissa Etheridge is about 25 years past being hot when she kisses her woman. Young, hot lesbian public kisses? Put them on a 24/7 channel.

    September 28, 2011 at 2:42 pm | Report abuse |
  14. Anomic Office Drone

    Oh the media... "Almost famous lesbians kissed in public. Let's ask a more famous lesbian what she thinks!"

    September 28, 2011 at 2:22 pm | Report abuse |
    • 21jax

      Where have you been hiding? Under a coconut? Almost famous,,,thats made me laugh,,,so thanks. Always good to have a laugh with my afternoon coffee. Leisha Hailey means a lot to a lot of people. Who do you mean a lot to? yourself?

      September 28, 2011 at 3:52 pm | Report abuse |
    • @21jax

      No one outside your small alternative lifestyle community knows who this woman, and I use that term loosely, is. She's a never-was from a long cancelled pay cable show that wasn't all that popular with actually human beings. Just because people don't agree or accept your idea of normalcy, don't think for a minute that we want to hear about it either. Just go back in the closet with the rest of your minority and STFU!

      September 29, 2011 at 10:48 am | Report abuse |
    • @Anomic Office Drone

      I wish there was a like button on these blogs, your comment made me laugh. : )

      September 30, 2011 at 12:22 am | Report abuse |
  15. Tony

    There is nothing wrong with a quick kiss between two people, but when you act like you are going to fall on the floor and do it, keep that at home.

    September 28, 2011 at 1:58 pm | Report abuse |

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