AMC plans series to discuss its series
August 30th, 2011
01:11 PM ET

AMC plans series to discuss its series

The network that brings us “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad” is considering a talk show about its own shows, reports New York Magazine.

Bravo's Andy Cohen - host of “Watch What Happens: Live,” which airs after each new episode of “Real Housewives” - has become a smashing success. AMC wants to do a similar show to discuss its scripted series.

Like “Watch What Happens,” the talk show would feature guests and discuss AMC's dramas in a post-game fashion.

Sources tell New York Magazine that AMC has already shot a pilot with former MTV personality Chris Hardwick as the host. The episode focused on its zombie series, “The Walking Dead,” but the show would likely cover multiple series if picked up.

“The Walking Dead” returns to the small screen in October.

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  1. alecia

    Hey all! moooo to you happy cow! you make everyone smile whether they admit it or not! has anyone tried the new triple double stuf oreos? OMG! they are wonderful!

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  2. The Great Gazoo

    @portalpunk: You're losing your touch, man. You haven't been Firsty for a long time. Mommy limiting your computer time?

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  3. portalpunk


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  4. starrfire

    Eek! Cow :). Hard using my phone in the dark at 1am... G'nite!

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  5. starrfire

    Happy Coe, I had Oreo cookies icecream and it was mooolicious! I love AMC! :). Good nite to you, moondancer, mario, and everyone else!

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  6. MoonDancer

    Hey everyone! To Happy Cow-AMC All Moo Cow network-too funny! I didn't realize that's what that stood for, but I guess I should have known! Hope you have a mootastic day! To Mario: are you having a better day? Hope so! To Fix In Tx: that does not sound good. Have you had that before? Get better soon! To everyone else, have a great day!

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  7. who gives a d*mn

    Brokenbad u anything like brokeback mountain ? Come to me if u are, k, hun ? Wink wink

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  8. Brokenbad

    Woooohooooo! Its like inception but with television. A show in a show in a show.

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  9. Happy Cow

    Thanks itsmemario : ) moooooo : ) You are toooo nice : ) We hope you are having a geat day ! : ) moooooooo : )

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  10. Junkpile

    Walking Dead = best show on AMC.

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  11. Xzibit

    Yo dawg, I heard you like TV i'm going to put a tv show in a tv show so you can watch while you watch

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  12. itsamemario

    @happycow how goes it? happy cow makes me giddy for some reason. good job n have a great day all..

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  13. Happy Cow

    AMC is the All Moo Cow network. It is my favorite. Me and the other farm critters watch mooooovies on it when it gets dark outside. MOOOOO : )

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  14. Happy Cow

    Happy Cow says moooooo. That means we hope you are having a good day. Maybe it will be autumn one of these days. moooo : )

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