Weekend reviews in 140 or less: 'The Help'
August 15th, 2011
05:32 PM ET

Weekend reviews in 140 or less

Although we're welcoming "The Help," "30 Minutes or Less" and "Final Destination 5" to this edition of weekend reviews in 140 or less, "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" still gets top billing in critic and fan reviews - not to mention winning the box office for the second week in a row.

"Apes" is currently 82 percent fresh over on Rotten Tomatoes, while "The Help" trails behind with 73 percent of critics giving positive reviews. But Twitter user Maggalicious calls it one of the best adaptations she's seen done on a book she's read, and iReporter Vera Richardson calls it essential viewing for Americans.

"30 Minutes Or Less," however, didn't fare as well. Both Twitter user Rebeksy and Atlantic critic Christopher Orr found Aziz Ansari's performance to be the winner in the comedy, which was middling otherwise.

And as far as "Final Destination 5"...well, we're tempted to tell you that if you went to see it, you probably weren't surprised by what you found. Entertainment Weekly critic Lisa Schwarzbaum notes that almost a dozen years after the first "Final Destination," "Death [still] demonstrates what happens to those who don't pay attention to the cosmic rules" and gives the movie a "B" grade.

But all of that slicing, dicing and drowning didn't impress Twitter user Cody Blair, who opined that "Final Destination 5" was the franchise's "final destination."

If you want to weigh in, let us know in a reply to @CNNShowbiz - next week, we'll be talking about "One Day," "Conan the Barbarian," "Fright Night" and "Spy Kids: All the Time in the World."

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  1. jujubeans

    Unfortunately "30 minutes or Less" describes me nowadays.

    August 16, 2011 at 2:22 pm | Report abuse |
  2. JoAnne Young

    Oops, forgot URL: http://joanne-young.blogspot.com/

    August 16, 2011 at 10:51 am | Report abuse |
  3. JoAnne Young

    Saw The Help after reading the book. Read my blog, "When The Help met Jim Crow." Knowing about Jim Crow laws made
    movie and book more meaningful.

    August 16, 2011 at 10:49 am | Report abuse |
  4. huh

    Oh don't feel so bad man. The apes are getting their revenge alright. Look at what freedom done to them. Killing, stealing, etc. These animals need to be locked up and chained up like the wild animals that they are

    August 15, 2011 at 10:27 pm | Report abuse |
  5. Lass

    I grew up in south Alabama, remember the terrible injustices, and I believe everyone should read the book (it is fantastic)and go see this awesome movie. Everything was so true to life, everything. We can all learn from this, if we want to.
    By the way, I am white, and ashamed of the way it was!

    August 15, 2011 at 10:17 pm | Report abuse |
  6. A.D.

    Saw Apes last night. Covered my eyes a lot. It was great!

    August 15, 2011 at 6:14 pm | Report abuse |

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