Kelly McGillis on her life outside of acting
April 30th, 2011
11:56 AM ET

Kelly McGillis on her life outside of acting

Kelly McGillis is not an easy star to interview.

Ask her how she prepared for her latest role as a nun suffering a crisis of faith in the new film "Stake Land," and she will tell you she didn't. As for how people have responded to her since she came out as a lesbian last year, she says has no idea because she pays it no attention.

According to McGillis, she just lives her life."I don't care about what people's reactions are," McGillis said. "I've spent too much of my life caring. That's why I kept my mouth shut."

The actress who broke out in the 1980s via starring roles in "Witness" and "Top Gun" now stars as a nun in the vampire film "Stake Land," an IFC movie which is currently in theaters and on demand.  She also worked in the film "The Inn Keepers," and says she still enjoys her craft.

"I love acting," she said. "It's my first love and my joy, but I'm 54 and I'm at a point where I've really been looking at my life and saying what else is it that I want to achieve before I leave this planet?"

The actress – who had her struggles with addiction in the past –  works at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in her home state of New Jersey. She said she loves the work.

"I really have a yearning to live a life of loving service to God and to others and I thought it was a way I could give back and be of greater service to others beyond just acting," she said. "It's really incredible to see others change their lives and to give them hope."

McGillis said she would love to take a spiritual pilgrimage to India, travel and spend more time with her grandchildren. But if that doesn't happen, she is perfectly happy, she said.

"I've lived a full, adventurous and wacky life and I'm very grateful for that," she said. "I'm very content right now."

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