Behind the scenes with David Arquette
April 15th, 2011
04:37 PM ET

Behind the scenes with David Arquette

David Arquette is notoriously open about his personal life. During interviews with Howard Stern and Ryan Seacrest, the “Scream 4” actor discussed his separation from wife Courteney Cox, his sexual escapades and his 6-year-old daughter Coco - no holds barred. editor-at-large Jeff Vespa was privy to the same full access when he spent three days photographing the actor - beginning on April 8, the day after Arquette reached a personal milestone: 100 days sober.

Arquette entered rehab at the start of the year to seek help for “alcohol and other issues,” People reported. He checked out nearly a month later, after completing his treatment.

Vespa, who has been friends with the actor for about 10 years, says his three days with Arquette were pretty normal.

One of the most special moments Vespa said he captured during the shoot took place after Arquette, Coco and Courteney (not pictured) returned from a walk.

“It’s nice for me to see [Arquette and Coco] together because … through all of this, she’s the person he really loves the most,” Vespa said. “She brings him a lot of happiness. As soon as I started taking pictures she wanted to get in the shots.”

In addition to Vespa and Arquette’s personal friendship, the men have worked together on three films – including 2008’s “Nosebleed,” a comedy short Vespa wrote and directed while Arquette starred.

“I’ve done it already, where I’ve spent days on end just shooting him,” Vespa said. “We’re having fun and he understands what I’m trying to do … trying to capture somebody’s life … I’m not out to ‘gotcha’ anybody.”

Other festivities that took place during the Friday, Saturday and Monday the pair spent together include bowling until 2:30 a.m., making rounds on late night talk shows, Patricia Arquette’s birthday party and the “Scream 4” premiere.

But one of Vespa’s favorite shots took place in the privacy of Arquette’s own office over lunch.

The photo, which shows Arquette wearing sunglasses with noodles hanging out of his mouth, “wasn’t a posed shot,” Vespa said. “But we know we’re trying to do some funny things to make a cool story. When you’re working with someone, it becomes like we’re making a product.”

The shoot ended at the premiere of Arquette’s latest film, “Scream 4,” which opens in theaters today.

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