‘Chuck’: In the name of the daughter
April 12th, 2011
12:55 PM ET

‘Chuck’: In the name of the daughter

After a lengthy spring break, “Chuck” is back and heading into the home stretch of this season’s episodes. Thankfully, the show isn’t going to cram too many big storylines into the time we have left.

Except, that is, for potentially life-changing events for almost every main character. Last night got the ball rolling on four of them.

Let’s get the big one out of the way first: Chuck and Sarah’s impending wedding. Everything’s moving along smoothly, but Sarah nonchalantly asks Chuck to sign a pre-nup. As expected, he starts to freak out about this, but Morgan and Casey convince him to be cool and accept that spies have secrets.

In this case, the secret is that Sarah has money stashed away in case she needs it to help her con-man father. She admits this to Casey, and also confesses that she hates being put in the middle between her parents. In the end, Sarah decides to scrap the pre-nup and just sign the one that Chuck drafted, which simply promises that the two will always love each other.

Honestly, the fact that she drops it just as haphazardly as she started it ends up making the whole pre-nup thing from Sarah kind of look like a test for Chuck. (Why didn’t he freak out? I expected him to freak out. Does his not freaking out mean that we’re doomed as a couple?) It’s more than a little off-putting, and since it ends up being completely inconsequential, I mostly feel like it was a waste of time.

Sarah’s admission to Casey gets his wheels turning about his own daughter’s dilemma. Alex is graduating and struggling with how to split the event between her parents. Remember, Alex’s mom can’t run into Casey, because she thinks he’s dead.

Casey realizes it’s not fair to put Alex in between her parents (a noble decision, if not entirely his to make), but Alex has a better idea to resolve the situation: come clean to her mom. Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is what it looks like when John Casey is terrified. We’ll let that one simmer until next week.

The next daughter dealing with family discoveries is Ellie, who is making progress on the intersect research on her father’s computer. Of course, she tells this to her mom (Linda Hamilton is back - and not acting like a wooden board this time!), who immediately tries to sabotage the situation, lest Ellie discover Chuck’s secrets.

Ellie, knowing that her mom is a spy, catches the sabotage. (And really, how great of a spy are you if you’re getting busted by your daughter and a baby monitor?) Mama Bartowski, knowing that Ellie is on to her, warns Chuck about what’s happening, and he decides to come clean to Ellie. (FINALLY!)

Except when he tries, she lies about what she’s found on the laptop. What is with this family and the secrets and lies?!? I finally thought we were getting somewhere, and then we just add on a new layer of secret-keeping. Argh!

The final plot development, and the most important one last night, has to do with our fourth and final daughter: Vivian Volkoff. After she hired someone to blow up Castle, the CIA put a kill order on her.

Chuck is convinced that this has to be a mistake. In an effort to make a deal with Vivian, he launches a sequence of twists and double-crosses that includes the following: Vivian gets ambushed; the team is made aware of a dangerous new weapon; Alexei Volkoff gets released from prison to help recover the weapon’s parts; Alexei and Vivian double-cross Chuck’s team; Vivian triple-crosses her dad and leaves him to die.

It’s great to have Timothy Dalton back as Volkoff, and fun to watch how he interprets a madman going through the therapy process to try and become a better person. But honestly, the character was all over the map last night, to the point where it got distracting.

In the meantime, Vivian has pretty firmly established that the potentially evil apple doesn’t fall too far from the evil genius tree. She also claims that the only thing standing between her and world domination now is the mysterious Agent X, who she plans to kill.

Hmm, where have we heard about Agent X before? Oh yeah, that’s the name on the files Ellie is investigating on her dad’s computer. Awesome.

A wedding, an “I’m not dead” discovery, a new nemesis bent on revenge and a laptop that could expose years of secrets. I think we have more than enough to get us through the rest of this season.

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    got to bored and stopped with readin it!!

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    And the spoiler is ellie is agent x

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