Ryan Phillippe, Matthew McConaughey offer mental health advice
March 12th, 2011
11:36 AM ET

Ryan Phillippe, Matthew McConaughey offer mental health advice

When it comes to handling the pressures of Hollywood, "The Lincoln Lawyer" co-stars Ryan Phillippe and Matthew McConaughey have the answers - and neither of them advise Charlie Sheen-style tactics.

“I always try to step back and take a breath, try to see something from the outside, rather than be wrapped up in it," Phillippe told CNN. "I think you need perspective in order to handle a crisis the right way. If you're aware of the effect you have on people or the way you'll be perceived, that kind of modifies your behavior sometimes."

McConaughey believes it all depends on the situation. "It's pretty particular for each meltdown," he tells CNN. "Sometimes, go ahead and melt and burn it all the way down until you just burn it all up and come out the other side. Sometimes, it's hang on a second, don't move, cool down, come out of it."

But, he adds, "Sometimes you gotta barrel right through it and say, ‘I'm going down, where's China?’ And keep digging!"

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  1. OLI

    check out this write up on the new movie 'Bernie,' co-starring matthew! http://bit.ly/l8FgQJ

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  3. Vic

    Is it just me or does Mathew look like he's totally stoned out of his mind in this picture?

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