Rachel Zoe explains why she won't style Snooki
March 10th, 2011
05:28 PM ET

Rachel Zoe explains why she won't style Snooki

She's dressed everyone from Cameron Diaz to Demi Moore to Eva Mendes, but Rachel Zoe says there's one celebrity you won't see her styling anytime soon: Snooki.

"I don't have time," the busy Zoe, who has a Bravo reality show and designs her own QVC fashion line, tells the Hollywood Reporter. "No really, because she's so out there right now, that's like a full-time job."

Zoe has never seen an episode of "Jersey Shore" but says the reality star shouldn't take her comments personally. "It's nothing against Snooki," she insists.

Despite scaling back on her workload now that she's expecting her first baby, Zoe was recently named the Hollywood Reporter's Most Powerful Fashion Player. Still, she claims she doesn't feel very mighty.

"Oprah is power — she is everything. Martha, she can make a house out of a piece of paper," says Zoe, who commands $10,000 per styling job and earns $50,000 for each episode of "The Rachel Zoe Project." "I have incredible respect for women like that because it's not easy. People fight you every step of the way — they pull you down as soon as you get up. And the reality is, it's harder for women. It's like if a girl has fooled around with a lot of guys, she's a slut. But if guys do it, they're cool."

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    • ummmm

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