'Bachelor's' Ashley H.: Miscommunication to blame
March 7th, 2011
01:53 PM ET

'Bachelor's' Ashley H.: Miscommunication to blame

For a few weeks, it seemed like Ashley Hebert would be one of the last two contestants fighting for Brad Womack's heart on "The Bachelor."  But last week, all seemed to go wrong between the two of them and by the end, the 26-year-old dental student was sent packing.

"There was a lot of miscommunication between Brad and I," Ashley explained. "I went into the show not really expecting to feel as strong as I did, and I think I kept my guard up."

Viewers saw Ashley's "fantasy date" with Brad devolve into both sides getting frustrated with each other over where to take their relationship.   Ashley admits that things went downhill once they reached the "fantasy suite."

"We had the opportunity to talk about more serious things, but we chose to take the light route.  I didn't answer all the questions like he wanted, and he didn't answer all the questions that I had."

Despite the way the relationship ended, Ashley was happy he didn't force her to sit through a final rose ceremony, choosing instead to eliminate her away from the remaining contestants.

"I think it helped me bring closure to Brad and the show," Ashley said. "It also helped [solidify] the kind of relationship we had, one that was full of respect and mutual admiration."

Ashley's elimination means that Emily Maynard and Chantal O'Brien are the last two contestants left in the competition.  Ashley admits she doesn't know who to root for, as both have their strengths.

"I think Emily's probably a better match for Brad, but I love Brad and Chantal together.  Who I pick definitely changes from week to week."

For now, Ashley is looking forward to wrapping up dental school, which she briefly delayed in order to tape "The Bachelor."  Do teeth play an important role in the men Ashley dates?

"I like good teeth, but I don't like perfect teeth," Ashley said. "I like something that's a little bit off, but my only requirement is good oral hygiene."

And how would she rate Brad Womack's teeth?

"I saw one of his crowns, so he needs to get that replaced.  Otherwise, he's in good shape."

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    Where's this ho's pimp? I have $200 burning a hole in me pocket!

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  4. Mr Germ

    I think her Dad should be proud of her.

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  5. TED

    moooooo oooops i meant oink 🙂

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  6. Ratt Man

    u r all nasty pigs! yes im speaking to the above pigs!

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