Kate Winslet covers Glamour's April issue
March 3rd, 2011
11:25 AM ET

Kate Winslet on Botox, weight and motherhood

She may have been named Glamour magazine's No. 1 Most Glam celebrity, but Kate Winslet is hardly obsessed with her appearance.

"I love it when a character requires me to look less than my red-carpet best," Winslet says in the April issue. "It’s more fun playing a character that requires you to look like dog s—."

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Winslet gets to do just that in HBO's "Mildred Pierce," a period drama in which she plays a frumpy divorcée. "I’ve never understood the notion that actors and actresses should look great on-screen just because they’re on-screen. That doesn’t make sense to me," she says.

Chalk up her attitude to a healthy dose of self-acceptance: Winslet says she has never had Botox or plastic surgery, and she doesn't intend to start anytime soon.

"I have never tried any of that stuff," she says. "I don’t have parts of my body that I hate or would like to trade for somebody else’s or wish I could surgically adjust into some fantasy version of what they are."

Winslet stays in shape with a combination of workout DVDs, running and Pilates, but says that she struggled with her weight while growing up and was even called "blubber."

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"You know, I will tell you that when I was heavy, people would say to me — and it was such a backhanded comment — they would say, 'You’ve got such a beautiful face,' in the way of, like, 'Oh, isn’t it a shame that from the neck down you’re questionable,'" she tells Glamour. "Looking back on it, I really wasn’t that heavy. I was just stockier than the other sporty, whippy-looking kids."

Speaking of kids, the twice-divorced actress says being mom to daughter Mia and son Joe is her greatest role to date, and she's determined to give them as normal a childhood as possible.

"I always want them to be regular kids who are grateful and respectful of other human beings. I want them to know that when we fly first-class, that they are lucky," says Winslet. "The highest compliment I could ever receive about my kids — and I can say that this does happen frequently — is when the in-flight crew say to me, 'Your children are wonderful. They are so well-behaved.' Every time I am told that, I could weep."

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  1. pori123

    Thank you for your nice information. I like your article.

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  2. bes

    Twice divorced? I just don't get it when these marital frequent flyers are considered o.k My ex-husband is on his 3rd with a girlfriend on the side....how do I know? He tells me. There is a missing chip these people don't have ...don't get married again Kate, your fine on your own.

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  3. Vic

    She is f#!$%*ng gorgeous!!!!!

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  4. Leonardo De Craptio

    Her @ss is the size of an iceberg.

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    • Alan Smithee

      It's called normal. Calista Flockhart is not the norm. Kate is more like it and I'm not talking about fat, I'm talking about frame.

      March 3, 2011 at 1:27 pm | Report abuse |

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