Cleaning up after the man-child on 'Parenthood'
March 2nd, 2011
04:15 PM ET

Cleaning up after the man-child on 'Parenthood'

The Braverman clan is still cleaning up after Crosby's mess of a one-night stand.

His parents and sisters know about it and try to help, but the biggest issue is Adam, Kristina and Max. They’re now without a therapist just when Max overhears he has Asperger's.

The episode opens with Adam and Kristina sitting down with Max to explain what Asperger's is. They hadn't told him because they weren't ready and didn't think he was. They hadn’t even planned how to tell him, but thanks to Crosby, planning their talk is no longer an option.

Kristina can't hold it together while Max asks questions about what it is and if he's the only one in the family who has it. Kristina and Adam talk to Dr. Pelikan about the situation, and he suggests they try again, emphasizing some positive aspects of Asperger's. Adam thinks it's nonsense and wants to deal with it himself.

What he's not intent on dealing with is Crosby, who joins Sarah at Julia's house to talk about his situation. He’s looking for advice on how to fix things with Jasmine, and Sarah gives it to him straight, saying that it's difficult to fix a relationship after someone's cheated. Adam comes in, sees Crosby and leaves, but not before telling his brother how he's messed things up.

Crosby, meanwhile, is still trying to apologize to Jasmine, who is having none of it. First he waits for her outside of her job, and when that doesn't work, he interrupts the class she's teaching. She's still not interested in what he has to say, and I don’t blame her at all. When they had their big fight, he claimed she was controlling and didn't trust his decisions. As soon as he had a minute to himself, he proved her right. She has no reason to listen to him at the moment.

Crosby has a meltdown of his own on the bachelor boat. He's drinking and blasting music, which his (until now unseen) neighbors don't appreciate. He ends up in jail, and when Zeek bails him out, Crosby admits that's he's really messed up. Hopefully, when he tells Jabbar he's doing work on the boat before he comes home, he means he'll be working on himself.

Adam does rethink how to handle explaining Asperger's to Max after he decides the two of them should skip work and school and spend the day riding roller coasters. Kristina warns it's a bad idea and that Max needs to stick to his usual plans. The Veloceraptor ride breaks down and so does Max - like a full-on public meltdown. Later, Adam and Kristina try their doctor’s approach and have a good talk with Max, who seems to handle it pretty well.

There was some nice, non-Crosby related stuff going on for Sarah. She's trying her hand at writing, something she did when she was younger. She stays up all night to write something and decides to show it to Amber's English teacher Mr. Cyer. Actually, she tries to sneak it under his apartment door, but when she second guesses herself and tries to get it back, he catches her in the act. He was very nice about it and agrees to look at her work. She was sure he'd hate it, but he had good notes for her - maybe this will be the boost she needs to get something going for herself.

Considering the somber ads for this episode over the last week, I thought it would come across as a Very Special Episode of "Parenthood." While it did handle some serious issues, I don't think it was too much of a downer. What did you think?

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  1. Jessica

    I love every episode of this show. The show's creators just do a fantastic job. The whole episode was emotional, especially the way Jasmine's face just broke down when Julia and Joel came to drop Sydney off. I don't necessarily agree with the way she previously handled the wedding planning, her mother, and parenting Jabar w/ Crosby, but she didn't deserve this either.

    My husband and I both agreed one of the most touching moments of this episode is when Joel told Julia he would never cheat on her. That actually brought tears to my eyes.

    And Sarah really needs to date Mr. Cyer again! He's so cute, nice and he's good for her!

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