'Community' gets political
February 24th, 2011
04:54 PM ET

'Community' gets political

Leave it to the community college where the mascot is the "Human Beings" to be without a class president. That's right, when Vice President Biden plans a visit to Greendale Community College on Thursday night's "Community," Dean Pelton scrambles to have an election, and as one might expect, Annie is eager to run for the position.

"I felt like we were actually basing it more on real life and actual political events," actress Alison Brie, also known for "Mad Men," told reporters last week. "And, you know, there’s a bit of Hillary Clinton I think to what Annie is doing, and maybe even some Bill Clinton to what Jeff is doing."

"And I play Chelsea Clinton," her co-star Danny Pudi mentioned.

Jeff, it turns out, is running against Annie purely out of spite.

Meanwhile, Abed and Troy are covering the election results on Greendale's local cable access channel. "That was fun because I got to play a news anchor for a little bit. I've always been attracted to female news anchors," said Pudi.

One scene between Brie and Pudi that got a lot of attention in recent weeks was a love scene between "the elf maiden" and "Hector the Well-Endowed" - mostly with their voices obscured by music, though expert lip-readers could figure it out - that played out as part of a "Dungeons & Dragons" game, with the genders reversed.

"In the script, they just sort of said, I light a candle, I fashion a blindfold out of my Kleenex," explained Brie. "And then to the parts where the music was playing, we just kept talking, and they kind of just let the camera roll and they let us go on and on."

"We were both kind of like, holy crap, I can't believe that made it into the episode," said Pudi. "That was one of the most entertaining half-hours that I was able to witness because I had to watch Alison describe Hector the Well-Endowed's journey with the elf maiden."

"I felt like the reactions were very real. When it cuts back to the table and everyone’s kind of horrified," Brie added. "I think the whole crew was looking at me like, how do you know that?"

Pudi joked, "I think everyone walked out of that room changed."

One glance at the outtakes on the "Community" DVDs proves that the cast has a lot of fun making the show, but which cast member is the cause of the most bloopers? "Ken Jeong is a contender," said Brie.

"Consistently he'll be doing something like, even this morning, where he all of a sudden be snapping and he'll just keep making himself laugh," said Pudi. "And then he'll have to yell really inappropriate things at himself. I think it's kind of all around the table. I think everyone has definitely a good amount [of bloopers] that's going to be pretty hard to shuffle through for the DVD."

Brie chimed in, "The making of our show is a blooper reel."

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    hey LAVONYA, we have jobs , too.

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  2. Eddie King

    Say, Eddie King really likes "Community gets political"...

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    You white peoples is just soooo silly.

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