Nightmare scenarios on 'Modern Family'
January 20th, 2011
03:20 PM ET

Nightmare scenarios on 'Modern Family'

It's no secret that the writers of "Modern Family" draw on real experiences for ideas, but one gets a sneaking suspicion that this week's episode had a lot of basis in reality. Here we saw three of the most embarrassing situations that can happen to anyone.

First there was the "accidentally-sent-e-mail" scenario: Gloria told Jay how she really felt about Claire, and Jay, in a hurry to make it on a trip to Vegas, wrote exactly that and it got sent. Gloria's helpless reaction was priceless: "Make it come back!"

Then we had the damaging-someone-else's-home scenario: Mitchell and Cam lived through this while visiting the owner of a restaurant they wanted a reservation to, along with Lily. After all, the only openings were before 6 ("What are we, 80?" asked Cam) and just before 11 ("What are we, 20?").

Mitchell wanted Lily on her best behavior beforehand, asking that she "sparkle," prompting Cam to say, "I'm going to sparkle like it's Fourth of July."

Once their host's expensive rug had a strawberry juice stain on it, the couple went with the old blame-it-on-the-kid routine, until it turned out that her son had a strawberry allergy. Needless to say, it all didn't turn out too well for them.

But the king of embarrassing situations was the Dunphy kids (this week's MVPs) in the walking-in-on-the-parents-during-the-act scenario while trying to deliver breakfast in bed for Phil and Claire's anniversary.

The entire family's reaction - including poor, innocent Luke's - was easily the highlight of the show, followed by Gloria and Jay's arrival, which added to a "Three's Company"-esque misunderstanding about the e-mail (and in this case, a lie worked, with Gloria inadvertently convincing Claire to delete the e-mail).

This wouldn't be easy for the Dunphy clan to work through, but the kids pretty much figured it out on their own (after all, their parents could be divorced, they reasoned). Claire freaked out: "I need to hold it together when my babies look at us with judgment and disgust."

To which Phil replied, "First of all, that's how they always look at us."

So the kids just smiled and nodded through their lame little sex talk: "Humor makes difficult situations easier!" and "You talked to us on our level without being condescending!"

Overall, I feel the opposite of the way I did last week, with the Cam and Mitchell storyline being the weak link of the episode. Do you agree? Share your iReport recap (like this one) or comment below.

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  1. G in AZ

    Funniest line from Phil was "Don't get mad at Claire, she (Gloria) is the one who came over here and offered up her cupcakes!" PRICELESS!!

    I think every week I turn a new person onto this show it is HILARIOUS!!

    January 22, 2011 at 1:18 am | Report abuse |
  2. Davideo

    Best line was from Luke: "Dad was making that face he makes when he's smelling a new car."

    January 20, 2011 at 6:06 pm | Report abuse |
  3. You

    If only she tried my cupcakes

    January 20, 2011 at 4:50 pm | Report abuse |
  4. Be Quiet

    Best line of the week: "Taste my cupcakes!"

    Can someone just give Sofia Vergara an Emmy already?

    January 20, 2011 at 4:45 pm | Report abuse |
  5. Me

    Luke-It looked like Dad was winning.
    Lily actually smiled!
    Alex, after washing off her eyes – I can still see it!

    January 20, 2011 at 4:38 pm | Report abuse |

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