'Parenthood': Meet the new (really young) boss
January 12th, 2011
04:03 PM ET

'Parenthood': Meet the new (really young) boss

Adam's job situation just got a bit more complicated.

While his old boss was a grown man who acted like a big kid, the new boss, Cory, is a grown man who looks like a kid. In fact, Adam mistook him for a delivery boy.

He’s a like, skateboarding gamer who, you know, made the money he used to buy the shoe company writing radical video games. And he hugs. While wearing flannel. Adam is not going to last. It’s not at all helpful (but highly amusing) when Kristina pays more attention to Cory’s video game than to Adam’s complaints about Cory.

And Cory gives him plenty go complain about. Adam visits Cory’s office-turned-frat house living room when he gets a good whiff of what the new boss and his buddies are smoking. Adam explains to him that people are worried he’s going to run the company into the ground. Cory seems cool with the fact he doesn’t have any idea about what he plans to do with the company. Adam is decidedly not cool with that. He even takes his résumé to a head hunter, who tells Adam he should sit tight in his good job with a (currently) solid company.

Kristina is resorting to bribing Haddie, hoping to make up for forbidding her from seeing Alex. Not that Haddie is actually listening to that. She’s not only accepted a date with Alex, but she turns to Amber for tips on how to keep her parents from knowing about it. When she tells her cousin why her parents aren’t happy about her new boyfriend, even Amber thinks the situation is “intense.”  When she drops Haddie off for the date she shouldn’t be on, Amber talks about how hard it can be to love someone who drinks too much. She explains six months sober isn’t that long, and that her dad would have longer stretches and fall back into it.

The date is really sweet. He arranges a rooftop viewing of “Sixteen Candles,” which he knows because he's a good listener who pays attention to what she says.

Amber, meanwhile, is playing guitar, writing music and singing, trying to gear up for an open mic night at some club. Sarah is so proud of Amber, but manages to terrify her talking about how nervous she will be on stage. She’s so scared she decides not to do it.

Later Sarah explains that one of the problems with being a parent - and I’m paraphrasing here - is that you see your kids as your mini-me's, forgetting that while they might look like you or walk like you, they're still individuals. Sarah apologizes and tells her the only thing she should have said is that her song is beautiful. The night of the performance Grandpa Zeek talks her down from a nervous freak-out.

They’ve gone from barely mentioning Amber and Drew’s father last season and seeing him just once to talking about him a lot this season. That's likely because they’ve cast a new Seth. Reports say John Corbett, of "Sex And The City" and "The United States of Tara," will be playing the wayward musician/father/husband. It should be just a matter of time before he arrives to bring new drama to the Braverman clan.

Speaking of, this episode was fairly drama free, just a lot of foreshadowing of teen rebellion and workplace strife to come. What are you expecting to happen next?

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  1. jladyj

    So where's Jasmine, Jabar and Jasmine's mom? At least Jasmine and Jabar, as they are regulars on the show. SMH!

    January 13, 2011 at 2:03 pm | Report abuse |

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